Academic Integrity

MIT students are expected to act with full integrity in all academic endeavors. A handbook for MIT students on Academic Integrity provides information on acknowledging sources correctly, collaborating on assignments, and writing original computer code. More information and resources appear on the Academic Integrity site.

A faculty member may submit either a letter to the Office of Student Citizenship to place in a student’s disciplinary file or a formal complaint to the COD regarding any matter of academic dishonesty as described in the Academic Integrity handbook. Further information regarding the process and guidelines to steps followed in every case may be found at the Committee on Discipline (COD).

A policy statement on Academic Dishonesty and Misconduct is available in section 10.2 of MIT Policies and Procedures. More information on violations can be found in the MIT Bulletin in the section on Complaint and Disciplinary Procedures.

Minimum Academic Standards

The Committee on Academic Performance (CAP) monitors student performance and ensures that departmental standards are equitable across the Institute. The Committee carries out this role though its End of Term Review, when it takes action in consultation with academic departments, advisors, and resource staff. The CAP website offers detailed information for students, advisors, and departmental representatives about this review and how to respond to it.

Decisions of the Committee on Academic Performance

The department reviews each student's performance and prepares a recommendation for the Committee on Academic Performance (CAP). CAP discusses each student's performance and makes one of the following decisions:

A student who is required to take academic leave from MIT should discuss a course of action with a dean in Student Support Services (S3) and with his or her academic advisor to facilitate possible return at a later date.

End-of-Term Procedures for Special Students

Because special students must be readmitted for each semester, the Committee on Academic Performance (CAP) does not usually take any action with regard to the academic performance of special students.