All voluntary withdrawals and medical withdrawals are processed by Student Support Services (S3). Please visit their website for more information about Withdrawals, and also see How to Apply for Readmission after a Withdrawal

Finishing Current Term on Reduced Load

For a variety of reasons, rather than withdrawing, a student may choose to remain at MIT and finish the semester on a reduced load. The Registrar's Office defines a reduced load as a registration load of less than full-time (36 units). This should be arranged by the student, with the concurrence of the academic advisor and a dean in Student Support Services (S3). Subjects that cannot be completed during the term should be dropped by Drop Date. Late drops require a petition to the Committee on Academic Performance (CAP). Students should consult the student financial aid staff in Student Financial Services, 11-120, about possible adjustments in financial aid. International students are required by immigration regulations to be registered full-time when school is in session in order to maintain legal status in the United States. Students should check with the International Students Office if they have any questions.

Suspension of Services

An undergraduate who has withdrawn, or is ineligible to register for other reasons, no longer has student status and may not use Institute services, as described below:

  • A student on withdrawal is not allowed to reside in MIT owned or affiliated housing (e.g., campus residences, apartments, fraternities, sororities, or independent living groups), attend classes at MIT, perform research at MIT, work at MIT, participate in student life activities or with student life groups, or utilize other MIT facilities.
  • The MIT Card will be deactivated, and the individual will not be authorized to use the services for which the card provides access. These services include but are not limited to the libraries, the dining system, computing resources, and Institute housing.
  • In most cases, the individual will be permitted to retain an mit.edu email address. All other computer services, including Athena access and use of MIT licensed software, will be suspended.
  • The individual will be excluded from the student payroll and may not participate in UROP.
  • The individual will not be placed on class rosters. S/he will not be allowed to participate in class projects. Work that is turned in for class will not be graded or returned.

Readmission to MIT

As the Faculty Rules and Regulations state (section 1.73.5), "the Committee on Academic Performance (CAP) shall act with power on applications for readmission at the undergraduate level after a voluntary, medical, or required withdrawal." The deans in Student Support Services coordinate many facets of the readmission process on behalf of the CAP. Students who have been away from MIT for the requisite amount of time on a voluntary, medical, or academic required withdrawal are eligible to apply for readmission. The readmission process has been designed to verify that students are ready to return successfully to MIT. Please visit the Student Support Services (S3) website for more information about readmission.

Returning to MIT After an Extended Absence

As stated in the Rules and Regulations of the Faculty in section 2.84, “A student who does not graduate within ten years of first entry will normally be expected to fulfill the requirements of the class with which he or she graduates." However, subjects previously taken to satisfy the General Institute or Departmental Requirements may be counted toward current requirements with the permission of the organizations and offices that administer those requirements. A student who will not graduate within ten years of his or her original date of entry should contact Student Support Services and consult with a dean about application for readmission. If appropriate, Student Support Services will make a referral to the Committee on Curricula (CoC) for a full academic review to determine the student’s status with respect to the General Institute Requirements (GIRs). Please visit the Student Support Services (S3) website for more information about readmission.