MITCommittee on Academic Performance

CAP Operations under Emergency Academic Regulations – FAQs for Students

Last updated:  March 22, 2020

There may be many questions regarding the CAP as we operate under the Emergency Academic Regulations (EARs).  Answers to frequently asked or anticipated questions will be posted here.

Can I still submit petitions to the CAP?

YES!  From the student’s perspective, neither the function nor operation of CAP will change.  You can continue to submit petitions electronically, and they will continue to be reviewed by the committee.  The posted schedule of meetings may change, if the number of petitions received greatly exceeds those that can be effectively managed with the original schedule.

I took an H3 course.  I feel that the loss of the last week, and the circumstances of that time, caused me to perform much worse that I otherwise would have.  Can I submit a petition for a Late Drop?

The CAP fully recognizes the extraordinary circumstances of the last actual week and canceled final week for H3 courses.  The committee will consider petitions from students who wish to drop H3 classes.  These petitions should be received by the last day of classes, Tuesday, May 12, 2020.

I have a lot more free time since I am learning remotely.  Can I still add full-term classes?

In considering Late Add petitions, the CAP considers the student’s participation in the course to date.  The committee has always held the view that a Late Add should be used to correct a student’s registration in order to reflect the courses they have actually been attending and participating in for the majority of the semester.  The committee has not previously approved petitions for Late Adds when a student has not been actively participating prior to Add Date, nor do we anticipate doing so under the EARs.  H4 subjects can still be added without petition until Friday, April 10th.

I understand that the EARs require that alternate grades be used for all full-term and H4 subjects for Spring 2020.  I really want letter grades.  Can I petition CAP to change my PE grades to letter grades?

No, you cannot.  The CAP will not be receiving petitions to change grading status for these courses.  Under the EARs, the only passing grade that will be recorded is PE.  In contrast to the P/NR grading system of the first term of the First Year, there will be no Hidden Grades. If a petition is submitted requesting conversion of a PE to a letter grade, it will be administratively denied.