MITCommittee on Academic Performance

End of Term Academic Review: Responding to Required Withdrawal

Here is advice on how to respond constructively if the Committee on Academic Performance requires you to withdraw at its End of Term Review. See the main End of Term Review page for general information on how the Committee reached this decision.

While a Required Withdrawal takes effect immediately, you are given a reasonable amount of time to prepare to leave campus. During that time, you should:

Contact an S3 Dean

If you have already been working with a particular dean, that dean will continue to work with you on withdrawal and possible readmission.

If you have not yet contacted Student Support Services, staff there will assign you to a dean who will follow you through withdrawal and possible readmission.

Your S3 dean will help you work through the steps needed to withdraw from the Institute. These include contact with Student Financial Services (term bill and financial aid), Housing, Student Health Insurance, and, if applicable, the International Students Office. For details, see the S3 website.

Your S3 dean will also explain the criteria and deadlines for a readmission application. It is important to understand these before you leave campus so that you will spend your time away constructively and qualify for possible readmission if you choose to apply. For a brief outline, see the S3 website.

You may continue to consult S3 while on required withdrawal; it is not among the suspended services.

Contact your advisor

Discuss with your advisor:

You may continue to communicate with your advisor while on withdrawal status; that is not a suspended service.