MITCommittee on Academic Performance

End of Term Academic Review: Responding to Communication Requirement Warning

Here is advice on how to respond constructively if the Committee on Academic Performance votes a formal Warning at its End of Term Review because you are out of compliance with the Communication Requirement. See the main End of Term Review page for general information on how the Committee reached this decision.

The most direct way to respond to a Communication Requirement (CR) Warning is to take and pass an appropriate CI subject.

To discuss your individual circumstances and your plan to fulfill the CR, including whether or not a petition to the Subcommittee on the Communication Requirement (SOCR) is appropriate, please contact the Communication Requirement Advisor (, room 5-133, 617-253-2313).

The CAP will not rescind a CR Warning on the basis of an approved SOCR petition; it may, however, look more favorably on a petition to exceed the credit limit.

As with Academic Warning, you are not allowed to register over your credit limit and cut back by Drop Date. You must register within your credit limit at the beginning of the term. You may shop a couple of others in the first two weeks and drop/add then, but make the hard decisions no later than the end of the second week and settle down to work on the number of subjects allowed by your limit.

There are two different credit limits for Communication Requirement Warnings:

A few exceptions to these limits are allowed for CI-M subjects higher than 12 units.