MITCommittee on Academic Performance

Types of Petitions: Exceeding Credit Limits

The CAP does not routinely approve petitions to exceed a Credit Limit. However, if you, your advisor, and your department Undergraduate Officer believe there are sound educational reasons for you to exceed a Credit Limit, you may ask for permission by petitioning the Committee on Academic Performance. You and your advisor may consult the CAP Administrator in advance to learn more about how CAP has handled such petitions.

Such petitions should be reviewed before the beginning of the term in which the limit applies: see Submission Deadlines for current dates.

Do not register for more units than the credit limit allows. CAP will review a petition before Add Date so that you can add a subject if your petition is approved.

Petitions to exceed a Credit Limit include three statements:

Your statement and the undergraduate officer's approval must be submitted in hard copy on the petition form; your advisor's and instructors' statements may be emailed to

Download Petition to Exceed Warning Credit Limit (PDF)

Download Petition to Exceed IAP Credit Limit (PDF)