MITCommittee on Academic Performance

Types of Petitions: Exceed the Warning Credit Limit

The CAP places two groups of students on Warning for a term: Academic Warning (e.g. not making Satisfactory Academic Progress) and CR Warning (e.g. behind pace in the Communication Requirement). Credit limits are different for the two groups as follows:

Academic Warning

The usual Warning credit limit is four subjects (48 units for freshmen; 48-51 units in no more than four subjects for upperclass students). At the time of the Warning vote in January or June, the student's home department (not the student) may request a higher or lower limit to fit an individual situation. The credit limit is spelled out in the official email and printed letter sent to you and your advisor by the CAP. The CAP Administrator also reminds you and and your advisor of the limit just before Registration.

If you have been placed on Academic Warning, you may think you need to "make up for lost time" or compensate for failing grades in a previous term by taking a larger number of subjects and units in the next. Experience shows, however, that such overloading usually hinders academic recovery. That is why the CAP places a limit on the number of units for which a student on Warning may register during his or her next regular term at MIT.

Students on Warning whose next term record is unsatisfactory may be required to take a full year's leave from the Institute. It is therefore in your best interest to register for and do well in a reasonable number of subjects during a recovery term. Missing units can usually be made up later—in future terms, over summers, or during IAP. However, if you, your advisor, and your department undergraduate officer believe you can succeed in a higher number of subjects, you may submit a petition to exceed the limit.

Communication Requirement Warning

Students placed on Warning by recommendation of the Communication Requirement Office must register for an appropriate CI subject and may register for no more than

for a total of 60-63 units (C) or 48-51 units (CC or WC).

If you and your advisor believe there are sound educational reasons for you to register for a higher number of subjects, and your pre-registration includes an appropriate CI subject, you may submit a petition to exceed the limit. The Advisor for the Communication Requirement will be present when your petition is reviewed, to confirm that your planned registration will bring you back into compliance with the Requirement.

Download Petition to Exceed Warning Credit Limit (PDF)

Petitions to exceed a credit limit should be submitted before the beginning of the term in which the limit applies. See Submission Deadlines for current dates.