MITCommittee on Academic Performance

Petition Process: Submission Deadlines 2015-2016

The Committee on Academic Performance (CAP) reviews petitions monthly during the Fall and Spring Terms, and in January and June when it meets to review the academic performance of undergraduate students. It does not meet during the summer.

Note that the CAP reviews petitions for undergraduates only; graduate students should follow the petition process outlined on the website of the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education.

General Petition Deadlines

If your petition is received in 5-104 and complete by 5 pm on the date listed below...

...then you will receive email notification of the CAP's decision by 5 pm on the date listed in this column.

Tuesday, September 8

Friday, September 11

Tuesday, October 13

Friday, October 16

Tuesday, November 17

Friday, November 20

Tuesday, December 1

Friday, December 4

Monday, January 4

Friday, January 8

Friday, January 15

Friday, January 22

Tuesday, February 9

Friday, February 12

Tuesday, March 15

Friday, March 18

Tuesday, April 12

Friday, April 15

Tuesday, May 3

Friday, May 6

Tuesday, May 23

Wednesday, June 1

Friday, June 3

Friday, June 10

Petitions to Exceed Credit Limits

Petitions to exceed credit limits (including the Freshman Fall credit limit) should be submitted for the first deadline in each term, that is:

Petitions to exceed the Freshman Spring credit limit may be submitted in December or January.

Late or Incomplete Petitions

Petition deadlines are firm. Late petitions will be deferred to the next cycle.

The Committee will not review a petition until it is complete. The CAP Staff Associate will hold your incomplete petition and notify you via email of any missing information.