MITCommittee on Academic Performance

Petition Process

The Committee on Academic Performance reviews petitions from registered undergraduates (see Eligibility below) requesting exceptions to established academic deadlines and policies. The Committee takes individual circumstances into account while striving to uphold academic integrity and equity for students across departments and classes.

With this goal in mind, the petition process includes written statements from the student, academic advisor, and instructor. Student Support Services deans and other Institute personnel may provide further information orally during the Committee review. Students do not appear in person before the CAP.

Submitting a petition to the CAP differs by the type of request:

The Committee accepts petitions on a rolling basis, and reviews them as schedules permit. Decisions are reported by email as soon as possible after each meeting.

A $25 filing fee will be charged to your MITPAY account by the Registrar's Office for a petition that is approved by the CAP. Petitions approved with neglect will be charged an additional $25 fine; a second approval with neglect incurs a fine of $50.

No fee is charged for petitions that are denied. Several petition requests approved at the same time will be charged only one filing fee and fine, if applicable.


The Committee on Academic Performance reviews petitions only from currently registered undergraduates. The Committee does not review petitions from students who are on leave from MIT for any reason.

Students who have received a bachelor's degree may not petition the CAP. The only exceptions pertain to a limited set of circumstances related to a student's final semester at MIT. Three months after a student has graduated, the student's record is sealed, and no further petitions may be received for any reason.

Graduate students should follow the petition process outlined on the website of the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education.