MITCommittee on Academic Performance

Petition Process: Preparing Your Petition

Once you've downloaded the appropriate petition form (or picked up a printed copy in room 5-104), follow these steps to prepare your petition:

  1. Fill in appropriate blanks to identify yourselt, the subject involved, your advisor, and your instructor. Sign and date the petition.
  2. Explain your request in the space provided or on an attached sheet. Your statement should not exceed one page. See Statement Guidelines for advice on preparing your statement.
  3. Bring the petition form to your academic advisor, instructor, and other Institute personnel as needed. Your advisor and instructor must each write a brief statement covering the questions asked; a signature alone is not enough. Alternatively, they may email their statements to In that case, they do not need to sign the printed form. See Statement Guidelines for detailed advice on this process.
  4. Make two copies of the original petition, one for yourself and one for your academic advisor. Give your advisor his or her copy.
  5. Submit the original petition, complete with signatures and supporting materials, to the CAP Staff Associate in Room 5-104. The Submission Deadlines page tells you when to expect a decision.
    If you are off-campus but still registered (for example, during IAP or Spring Break) you may submit a petition by fax or postal mail in order to meet a deadline. See contact information below.
  6. See Committee Review for the next steps in the process.

Note that this process is for undergraduates only; graduate students should follow the petition process outlined on the website of the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education.