MITCommittee on Academic Performance

Petition Process: Preparing Your Petition

Submitting a petition to the CAP differs by the type of request:

Online Petitions

To begin an online petition for a registration change, go to Student Forms and Petitions. You will land at your My Forms page. Click on Start a New Form. On the next two screens choose Undergraduate Late Add Drop Petition.

You will then be offered three options:

Each option opens the appropriate form; you must create a separate form for each request.

Follow on-screen instructions to type or paste your statement; see Statement Guidelines for advice on what to write. You may Save the form for later editing if you want to consult your advisor or dean before submitting the petition. Saved forms appear on your My Forms page.

You may attach screenshots, copies of emails, and other documents, but they must be in PDF format; other formats will not be visible to the Committee.

When you are ready to submit the petition to the CAP, click Submit for Review. The CAP Administrator will take a first look at your request and either forward it to your advisor and instructor for input or contact you for further information. Once it is forwarded you may no longer make changes to your petition, but you may cancel it at any point before the CAP meeting at which it is reviewed.

You will receive an email each time your petition moves through the process; you can also check its status on your My Forms page. See Committee Review and Decisions for details. The Submission Deadlines page tells you when to expect a decision.

See the Quick Guide for screenshots and detailed instructions.

Paper Petition Forms

Petition forms other than Late Add, Late Drop, and Late Change of Status can be downloaded from this site; you may also pick up a printed copy from the CAP Administrator in room 7-104. Follow these steps to prepare your petition:

  1. Fill in the appropriate blanks on both pages of the form. Identify yourself, the subject involved, your advisor, and your instructor. Sign and date the petition.
  2. Explain your request in the space provided or on an attached sheet. Your statement should not exceed one page. See Statement Guidelines for advice on what to write.
  3. Bring the petition form to your academic advisor, instructor, and other Institute personnel as needed. Your advisor and instructor must each write a brief statement covering the questions asked; a signature alone is not enough. Alternatively, they may email their statements to In that case, they do not need to sign the printed form. See Statement Guidelines for detailed advice on this process.
  4. Make two copies of the original petition, one for yourself and one for your academic advisor. Give your advisor his or her copy.
  5. Submit the original petition, complete with signatures and supporting materials, to the CAP Administrator in Room 7-104.
    If you are off-campus but still registered (for example, during IAP or Spring Break) you may submit a petition by email or postal mail in order to meet a deadline. See contact information below.
  6. The Committee Review and Decisions page explains what happens next. The Submission Deadlines page tells you when to expect a decision.

Note that this process is for undergraduates only; graduate students should follow the petition process outlined on the website of the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education.