MITCommittee on Academic Performance

Types of Petitions: Adding a Subject

If you missed the deadline to add a subject you may petition the CAP for a Late Add. Note that first- and second-half-term subjects have Add Dates that differ from those for full-term subjects.

The Committee's guiding principle is that students should receive appropriate credit for work done, in the term in which the work was done. Late Add petitions must clearly document when you began attending class and submitting work in a subject (was it before Add Date?). If your instructor confirms your statement and your advisor supports the petition, the CAP is likely to approve it.

You may not ask for UROP or other credit to be applied to a term other than the one in which you did the work (for example, Spring instead of IAP).

Late Add of a UROP

You can register a UROP for credit (and other variable-unit subjects) any time during the first ten weeks of the term—until DROP DATE. You may register a UROP for credit even before your UROP proposal has been approved. See the UROP website for full instructions.

If you still miss the DROP DATE deadline, you may petition the CAP to Late Add a UROP for credit, but because the deadline is so late in the term, the Committee is less likely to approve such a petition.