MITCommittee on Academic Performance

Types of Petitions: Changing the Grading or Registration Status of a Subject

If you missed the deadline for any of the following changes to grading or registration status of a subject, in the current or a previous term, you may petition the CAP for a Late Change of Status. Note that first- and second-half-term subjects have deadlines that differ from those for full-term subjects. The Committee uses a single petition form for all of these changes. See the Petition Process section for details.

Note that the Committee rarely approves these requests, out of commitment to equitable treatment for all undergraduates. Deadlines are generous and well publicized, and the Faculty expects students to make decisions about subject status in a timely fashion. When the CAP has approved such petitions, there has been clear evidence that the student intended to meet the deadline but was prevented by circumstances beyond her or his control.