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Beta Prototype Images

These are images of the beta prototype system currently in testing. Click on an image for a larger version.

Video Test Session #1
Quicktime (~8MB)
Avi (~27MB)

This video shows one of our first test subjects (Male, C4/C5 level injury) using the alpha prototype system to perform forarm curls. He first attempts to perform the movement on his own, then with the brace. At the end he attempts to hold a 45deg angle with the table.

This individual's condition is among the most common upper level SCI injury as the vertebrae damages are the ones exposed when you bend your head forward. Although he lacks the strength to perform antigravity motion with his biceps, he still has enough control to use the brace system, and shoulder strength to rotate his arm. Although at first glance this video looks like he is using a CPM (continuous passive motion) machine, he is actually controlling the movement with his residual muscle activity.

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