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    Technical Develeopment
  • Kailas Narendran is an MIT graduate in electrical engineering and computer science and currently Research Staff employed by this project. He is in charge of electrical and control systems.
  • John Mcbean is also an MIT graduate, and recently completed his Masters degree in mechanical engineering. He is in charge of mechanical systems.
  • Woodie Flowers is a Pappalardo Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT. He is the fa culty supervisor of the Active Joint Brace project.
  • Chris Possinger is a senior in the department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT. He is working on the mechanical systems.
  • Mina Hsiang is a M.Eng student in the department of Electrical Engineering and computer science.
Business Development / Research (iTeam)

Mira Sahney is leading the business team efforts. She is a fellow in the MIT Leaders for Manufacturing program. She has an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering Design from Stanford University and is currently pursuing an MBA from the MIT Slon School of Management. Her prior work experience includes new product development as well as manufacturing and operations work related to new product introductions.

Raja Surapanani is a junior studying Computer Science/Electrical Engineering and Management Science at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Raja has been active in securing Deshpande Center funding and is now leading the effort to secure government funding. His past experience includes positions in start-ups and financial firms.

    Project Alumni
  • Jenny Hu
  • Dan Nunes
  • Raja Surapanani
  • Hocking Cheng
  • Joe Jackson
  • Adam Rizika
  • Shashi Kant
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