All without alcohol I'm confused too dry-ice3 *cough* ninja no one expects the spanish inquisition (or matt peddie) birthdaycake Iron Chef Jeff whips up a pineapple upside down cake for our two birthday boys birthdays The fall birthday celebration. Carv gets really excited during these. robot1 Brian's 6.270 Robot (of Doom) five its one less then 6 breasts with the right ingenuity you too can make a hot tub shopping-cart1 Downtown living life to the max shopping-cart2 a roaring gabe shopping cart3 wipe out! eclipse2 Lunar eclipse outing eclipse1 apparently there where clouds that day... 09shanhan '09s and Hanhan dry-ice don't be silly, we wouldn't try to cook dry ice! dry-ice2 tip: always tell people if that bottle they're holding is about to explode from the dry ice inside it. Can you put your foot over your head its difficult carvsbest Carvajal doing what he does best Class of 09 Class of 09 collars Secret Santa got Taylor two collars: one for her cat, and one for Greg. 5west-telecom The making of 5west telecom, the only telecom provider with the breath freshing power of ham 5west-telecom2 repearing the fiber optic uplink 5west-telecom3 communication node 1 condom Melinda teaches everybody how to make a condom snowman. condom2 condom3 hmmm I think we should get rid of this one, by the way dan, your face is perfect in this picture condom4 The finished product: 5w arts and crafts at their finest. couchgage Main Street + 5W couch + Gabe couchmooney Mooney wonders how the hell he's going to get this couch back up to 5W. Dew Throne The lord of Dew Jesus Toast Jesus Toast Jesus Toast2 Did you think it was a miracle Melinda making Jesus Toast emergencies For use only during emergencies fireescape Looking down at everybody from the top of the world (err... fire escape... same thing) fires We're good at starting fires, but less good at putting them out. gregparty Greg's room is fully equipped for emergency parties Hall Chairs Our hall chairs showing what they got body its <body>  can't you see it? hello house Watching that assboat House cure cancer with his stethoscope or something ihfc jasontaped Jason, with physics book and rootbeer at hand, fulfills his destiny. kitchen Kitchen, fully equipped with kitchen bitch (we swear its always this clean...really...) crazy caro Please don't kill me for putting this picture'd only be proving my point! kitties They're always watching... Love Wuve....true, Wuve mooneyfashion Mooney is no stranger to fashion lynx-stare chilaxin mooneyhead 8am, Thursday morning of finals week. Of course we have trees Of course we have trees reesefury Reese, after smokin' the reefer, unleashes his fury on the catnip container. reesestealth Reese is a master of stealth. robot face No idea reese-2 I'm in your box, starting at you shower We're not dragging him to the shower....*promise* pandatree Crickey! We've spotted a five west cat in its natural tree dwelling state....carefully now, don't want to spook him.  CRAP A STING RAY!!! RUN FOR ITS MATES! Secret Santa We take our non-denominational holiday gift-giving ceremonies seriously. secret-santa No caption nesscary thongs There's no better way to show your appreciation to your GRT than by buying matching thongs for him and his girlfriend dancing carv Dancing Carvajal, Dance nat-jason-love Downtown and Jason sharing a tender moment thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner in Talbot... Dennis says be thankful, or he will kill you... with a plastic fork lynx savannah Savannah chillaxin' in Mooney's sink Who couldnt love that face Who couldn't love that face teddymonkeys 5W 6.370 team