The MIT Assassins' Guild

To err is human...
To forgive is not our policy.

Scheduled Games


Saturday Nights, 8-11:00pm, 36-115

Travel to strange new classrooms. Meet interesting, unusual people, and kill them! Patrol is a high-action game of live combat with rubber-dart guns. Shoot your friends, then watch out as they try to take their revenge.

Life's Sacrifice

Weekend of March 5th
GMs: Brady Tatro, Seamus Reynolds

The god of life once gave her gifts to the world of man. Humans lived nearly immortal lives, being brought back from nearly any injury by the grace of the god of life. This was how things were for as long as anyone could remember.

That is until the god of life became corrupted. No one is really sure how it happened, maybe another god, maybe a truly evil human, it is not known, but what matters is what happened after the corruption. When someone died, instead of being brought back as who they were, their minds were taken and their body would just shamble and attack the living, killing and infecting their victim.

For many months this was only an oddity happening rarely, with the corpses being dealt without much loss. However as the years went on less and less people would return whole after visiting the god of life. Cities began to fall as the corruption swept through. Panic has set into the world as the immortality of humanity has fallen into question.

All Fall Down

Weekend of March 12th
GMs: Laura Boylan, Peter Litwack, Nat Budin

Mayday, mayday. This is S.S. Marie Curie requesting immediate assistance. We have discovered an unknown object in Sector 83.107. We moved closer to investigate; upon approach we discovered...

Ring around the rosy

...hitherto unprecedented. We request immediate assistance from any and all vessels in the area. Our O2 reserves are running at 7.8%; at this rate we only have...

A pocketful of posies this rate we cannot last much longer. For the love of god, someone please help. They’ve...

Ashes, Ashes



The Ides of March

Weekend of March 12th
GMs: Ken Clary

Ides a pseudo-annual panel on game writing and design. If you are interested in being a panelist, send me email (

New speakers are welcome. Undergrad speakers are welcome. Cruft speakers are welcome. The only requirement is to have written (or be writing) a game, and have something interesting to say about it.


Weekend of March 19th
GMs: Katie Sedlar, Samuel Dukhovni

Write a (1 hour) Guild Game in 24 hours.

Madoka Magica: Wild Hunt

Weekend of April 2nd

ATTN: All magical girls in the city limits. Yes, that means you.

The Wild Hunt is coming.

We've lost contact from three towns in the past month. We had some good girls in those towns. Few of them had over ten witch kills each, been at the job for years. We can only hope they're dead now.

I know you'd like to keep up your little territory disputes and hope someone else deals with it, but too bad. It will hit us, and you will die.

So we're going to put our grudges aside. We go in, we kill the big witch at the center, we save the city. I'd like to tell you that we'll make it back out, but I'm not gonna lie to you here. We're about to get a first-hand reminder of why none of us survive long enough to become magical women.

Persona: Too Late

Weekend of April 16th

You fucked it all up. You had a month to work together, to build your connections with those who unknowingly depend on you, to build your power and wrest the world back from the Shadows. But no one could agree who to trust, and in-fighting and deceit made your well-functioning team into a bunch of pathetic losers. And now Death Himself stalks the skies, and your university and the entire town lie in ruins. It is too late to do anything to stop him. Your power is based on your connections to others, and those are all torn to shreds.

But then a mysterious masked figure appears. She says she can give you a second chance, a chance to revisit your mistakes. Even in a world of Arcana, Shadows, and mythic powers, it seems unthinkable, but you grasp at any shreds of hope. But after everything that's happened, can you really rebuild your lost trust? And what if your companions have already been lost to the shadows? Regardless, you have to act fast, or it really will be too late.

Persona: Too Late is loosely inspired by the video games Persona 3 and Persona 4 (and also by some rejected ideas for Contact, the 10-day a few years ago). No experience with the source material is expected or useful. It features time travel, social links, open-ended roleplaying, traitors, leveling up, and combat with shadows. Combat is via a card-based mechanic; time-travel involves either combat or short scenes in the past.

Game has some dark themes, including references to student deaths, drugs, and suicide.

The Spring Guild Meeting!

Weekend of April 16th
GMs: The High Council

Free food! Officer Reports. Free Food! Elections. Free Food! Standing Policy debates. Did I mention Free Food?! Masterings.

More seriously, the Spring Guild meeting is when elections happen. Current students, if you do not attend, we cannot elect anyone to Grandmaster or Secretary of the Exchequer, and then the Guild will stop running.


Weekend of April 30th


In some of the deepest mining shafts on the planet, your team was extracting rare ores, and trying to stay out of the way of the Company researchers who had come down here to study who knows what. But now something has gone horribly wrong, and a cave in has happened, leaving one of your team dead, and several others injured and without their memories. It'll take hours to clear the rubble -- but the computer says you have at most three hours of air left.

This far down, some of the world's religions say demons live. Those sounds you hear are only the rocks settling, right?

Please note: this game will be conducted in low lighting conditions. There will be many dark themes in the game including dealing with the aftermath of an accident in which a friend/loved one died, questions of who may be responsible for this, trauma in character backstory including death of parents, and the prospect of facing death away from your loved ones. A major theme of the game is human mortality, as well as issues of family, trust, and paranoia.

Muppet Purgatory

Weekend of May 14th
GMs: Beth Baniszewski, William Lowenthal, Diane Christoforo

News Flash! Tragedy struck the Muppet Theater yesterday. All of the Muppets were found dead by police. Reports from first responders are grim. "There were furry bits, felt, and googly eyes everywhere," said Frank Handle the Fire Chief for Unit 36. Officials have said that it is not immediately clear what caused the mass fatalities. An investigation is underway by police and government officials and unconfirmed sources have indicated that the FBI, CDC, and NEST units are all involved. The area surrounding Muppet Theater has been quardened off and the media has not been let in. It is a horrible day for theater goers everywhere. Although one elderly gentleman interviewed nearby stated that "Perhaps now we can get some good entertainment in this city. It was like some kind of torture to have to watch that show."

The entire cast and crew of the Muppet Show were killed in a tragically hilarious accident. Now they are stuck in Purgatory awaiting Judgment. But the disposition of their souls does not rest upon their earthly deeds. No. They must perform for their salvation. God and Satan are watching.

Sierra Alpha One Eight

Weekend of May 21st
GMs: Thomas Wohlers, Thomas Chappell

For over twenty years now, your world has been under attack by the aliens commonly called 'the Slugs.' With humanity fighting for its survival and most of the older military personnel dead, academies were set up twenty years ago to train children from youth to be the next generation of soldiers. You are near the top of your class and will likely have your choice of career open to you. Before you graduate, however, you must undergo the infamous 'Sierra Alpha' test. What this test involves is a closely guarded secret that no one talks about at all, but it definitely involves no risk of death or serious injury.

Set in a futuristic Earth-like world, Sierra Alpha One Eight is a four-hour game of survival, teens separated from grown ups and dealing with questions of authority, relationships between people in high-stress situations, finding yourself, and figuring out just how easy it is to solve all your problems with violence. Both combat and role-playing are emphasized.