The MIT Assassins' Guild

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Scheduled Games


Saturday Nights, 8-11:00pm, 36-115

Travel to strange new classrooms. Meet interesting, unusual people, and kill them! Patrol is a high-action game of live combat with rubber-dart guns. Shoot your friends, then watch out as they try to take their revenge.

Flight of the Dauntless

Weekend of September 19th
GMs: Stephanie Paige (writing credit to Laura Boylan, Ash Turza, and Dennis Perepelitsa)

It's New Year's Eve in 19th century England, and the rich and famous of the world have been invited aboard the maiden voyage of the HMS Dauntless, pinnacle of a new line of steam-driven airships! The fateful four-hour flight to Paris is scheduled to conclude with fireworks to ring in the new year!

A four hour game serving as an excellent introduction to the MIT Assassins' Guild. New players are most welcome.

Delta Green: Night and Water [SIK Training Game]

Weekend of October 3rd
GMs: Telmo Correa, Benjamin Lehnert

It's 1944. Files recovered in a recent raid reveal a secret facility in Fecamp, where the Karotechia, a secret Nazi occult organization, is testing a new weapon for widespread production, the Donnerschlag ("Thunderclap").

In less than seven hours, several RAF Wellington bombers will erase the cliffs, the Donnerschlag, and the facility from the face of the Earth forever. The allied command who organized the air raid knows nothing about this operation, and it is thought best by those really in control that this remains the case.

A small group within the OSS, those with DELTA GREEN clearance, and their British counterparty, PISCES, are sending in teams of freshly trained commandos to find out just what the Allies are about to erase.

DG: Night and Water is a 6 hour game designed to the teach the fundamentals of Nerf combat and serve as an introduction to the Society for Interactive Killing (SIK). No prior experience or knowledge of the Delta Green franchise necessary!

Ascent to Hisseldale

Weekend of October 10th
GMs: Kendra Beckler

As residents of the Sprawl, you have always taken technology for granted. It's always been the only thing cheap enough to afford for the impoverished majority. Even with a life of abject misery, you could get by with enough drugs, simstims, cybernetic implants, and the latest trends on the black market. Jacking into cyberspace was your best escape from the dusty, rat-infested slums under the gray artificial sky.

That's over now - you're getting out of the Sprawl. A new cylinder called Hisseldale was recently commissioned by the Hissel corporation, based on the northern coast of Paris; construction has only just begun, bringing promises of employment and of influencing the culture and government of Hisseldale's future populace. Maybe you'll follow in the footsteps of so many other early migrants who set themselves up for success and became one of the wealthy high-orbit first families. You're on the TYL Pegasus Nightingale shuttle out to Hisseldale, the first shuttle in the first wave of voyages carrying Hisseldale's prospective workers, visitors, and migrants.

Just after the shuttle takes off on its 4 hour voyage, all passengers settle in and grab their decks so they will be jacked in for the flight. But something isn't right. Always, when jacked into cyberspace, one can with ease reach Chiba City and Tokyo, or the Freeside cylinder's colony of New Zion, or the set of Orbits Of Our Lives, or anywhere else desired. Except now. You can only jack into a cyberspace room the size of the shuttle, a room with no exits. When there, you can't flip to any other locations. You are completely cut off from Earth and the omnipresent cyberspace spanning it and all of its orbital colonies.

You're stuck with only the few people on board until the shuttle reaches Hisseldale. There is no escape by jacking in. You'll have to do something with these next few hours. Do you get to know the other passengers? Investigate the break in the connection to Earth's cyberspace? Argue philosophy? Deal with interpersonal drama that you've been avoiding? Try to find drugs to calm your mind? Start developing Hisseldale's culture and politics? Turn the shuttle around to head straight back to the Sprawl? While you think about these, a weightier question looms.

How will your society survive if cyberspace on Hisseldale is also cut off from Earth?

Ascent to Hisseldale is a cyberpunk game based on William Gibson's Neuromancer universe, a world over-reliant on an omnipresent digital reality, with sentient AIs, cloning, personality uploading, cryonics, and cybernetics.


Weekend of October 24th
GMs: Jason Lynch, Katie Sedlar, Samuel Duchovni, Xavid

You're dead. Now what? Turns out the afterlife is more complicated than you thought. Resolve your life and death, and find the right afterlife before it's too late! At least you don't have to worry about dying any more...?

Afterlife is a lightweight game originally written for X Camp.

Good Intentions

Weekend of November 7th
GMs: Kim Beder, Haley Bates, William Kalb

Heaven has gone way over quota and Saint Peter is looking for any and every excuse to send people to Hell. To deal with the sudden influx of darned souls, Satan has opened up a Tenth Circle of Hell called Scarytown to punish people who have committed minor sins. So if you're the type of person who never leaves a tip, texts in movie theaters, or hits the "door close" button in people's faces, you might just find yourself in Scarytown when you hit that light at the end of the tunnel. It's a place where the bus is always late, the coffee is always cold, and the tap water smells like brimstone.

Satan is stopping by for his annual inspection, and the residents of Scarytown are scrambling to get their usual celebration ready. Unfortunately, the decorations are all overpriced, the only place that caters is Pizza Hut, and nobody can agree on a party theme! Plus, there is a strange visitor who claims to have seen other afterlives... the party is starting in less than four hours and it's looking like a total disaster!

Good Intentions is a four-hour game of sin, eternal damnation, and party planning.

Robot/Pirate/Ninja [SIK Game]

Weekend of November 14th
GMs: Ken Clary, Will Lowenthal

"In a world where monkeys and zombies have been annihilated, only three great forces remain. Who will be the next great power to fall - Robots, Pirates, or Ninjas?"

Fall Guild Meeting [Possibly a SIK game]

Weekend of November 14th
GMs: The High Council

The Guild's semesterly meeting. Politics and backstabbing without character sheets! Free food, policy discussions, and possibly some mastering!

Murder at Elm Hall

Weekend of December 5th
GM: Thomas Wohlers

You and five others have been invited to spend the weekend at Elm Hall by the wealthy Lord Black, a famous socialite renowned for his parties. You were delighted to be invited -- but now he seems to be dead! To make matters worse, a storm has cut off all communication with the outside world -- you are on your own, with the killer among you. With no help from the outside world, it is up to you to be judge, jury, and executioner of one of your own peers.

Murder at Elm Hall is a murder mystery where the answer to the question 'who did it' is less important than how six suspects who can't rule each other out deal with being trapped with each other.

On the Lam

Weekend of December 12th
GMs: Katie Sedlar, Isaac Grosof, Adam Kalinich, Sam Dukhovni

The small town of Pleasantville is having its mayoral election and city council meeting. With the recent string of murders and peak levels of criminal activity, the people want to take back the town and exact their own form of justice. As a concerned innocent townsperson, you'll meet with other people just like you to decide Pleasantville's fate.

Inspired by the MIT game Live Action Mafia, On the Lam is a four-hour game of murder, deception, crime, politics, murder, investigation, stealth, vengeance, and murder.