¡Bienvenidos a La Casa!
Welcome to Spanish House!

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La Casa, also known as Spanish House, is unique amongst MIT's living groups. First of all, while we are a part of the larger New House community, we are also our own community with our own culture, constitution, and taxes. Having the power to govern ourselves gives us an advantage over other more traditional dorm communities, such as Next House, Baker, and Simmons. We distribute funds in a way that is most beneficial to all members of Spanish House, and each member has the opportunity to share their opinion. Together we decide where to take trips and who to elect to the house government.

Spanish House is part of the Residence Based Advising (RBA) program. This means that all Spanish House freshmen have the same advisor for their freshmen year. Because of the RBA program, all freshmen who live in La Casa commit to living here for their entire first year. The advantage of this program is that it gives freshmen access to academic advising within La Casa.

We hope that through this website, the Guide to Residences, the i3 videos, Campus Preview Weekend, and Orientation Week you will come to know and love Spanish House as much as we do.

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