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Constitution and Bylaws of the M.I.T. Scuba Club


The name of this organization shall be the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Scuba Club and shall be located on the campus of M.I.T.


The primary objective of this organization shall be to encourage the safety and recreation of underwater activity within the M.I.T. community and to provide regular meetings and aquatic activity to promote common interests in diving.


Membership in this Club shall be limited to the M.I.T. community. The Club membership shall at all times consist of at least 5 full-time M.I.T. students; student membership shall remain above 50%. The Club shall not bar applicants from joining based on any characteristic in the MIT non-discrimination policy.

Application for regular membership shall be made in a form prescribed by the Board of Officers. Upon acceptance and payment of dues, as prescribed by the Club, such individuals shall enjoy the rights and privileges accorded them by the Constitution and Bylaws of the Club and Rules and Resolutions of the Board of Officers.

Honorary membership shall be awarded to members or non-members of the Club on a Lifetime basis in recognition of those individuals who have contributed in an outstanding manner to the attainment of the Club’s objectives. Individuals for honorary membership shall be selected by the vote of the members present. Such individuals shall not be afforded the privilege of voting or holding office.


Officers and a faculty advisor shall constitute the Board of Officers and shall be elected by the members of the Club. Their responsibility will be to establish policy and to interpret the Constitution and Bylaws whenever necessary.


The President shall preside over all Club meetings, shall be Chairman of the Board of Officers, and shall assume responsibility for all functions of the Club and all material owned or borrowed by the Club. The Vice-President shall assist the President and will assume all of the above duties in the latter’s absence from any Club function. The Treasurer shall provide complete records of the membership. He or She shall have available at each Club meeting a statement of all current financial transactions and a summary of the present financial status of the Club. The Secretary shall record all minutes of the Board of Officers and Club meetings, conduct correspondence for the Club, and maintain the Club email list and web-site.

All officers shall be members of the M.I.T. Scuba Club. The President and Treasurer must each be separate, current M.I.T. students.


Regular meetings of the Club will be held at least every two months during the academic year at a place and time designated by the Board of Officers. Special meetings may be called by the President, Board of Officers or upon presentation of a petition signed by one fourth of the regular membership. Quorum for a meeting shall be one-quarter of the members of the organization.

The officers of the Club shall be elected to serve for one year at the first regular meeting of the Spring term, which must occur on or before the 15th of April, by a majority vote of the present membership. Quorum for elections shall be one-third of the voting membership of the Club. An officer may be recalled at any meeting by a majority vote of the regular membership provided the vacancy is filled immediately.

Any decision of the Board of Officers may be subject to appeal to the full Club membership, if a written petition signed by at least three members requests such appeal. A two-thirds majority of the members present and voting is required to overturn the decision of the Board of Officers.


The Board of Officers shall establish dues for regular members of the Club. In case an applicant is experiencing financial hardship, the Board of Officers will waive dues. Only members holding a recognized certificate of diving proficiency issued by an accredited diving Authority shall be allowed to accompany the Club on any expedition or participate in any aquatic activity requiring the use of skin or scuba equipment.

In part, the objective of this Club is to encourage safe diving. However, if any member or non-member sustains any loss, or damage to his or her equipment or person while at any Club function, this Club or M.I.T. shall not be liable.


Amendments to this Constitution and Bylaws can be made at any meeting by a majority vote of the regular membership.

Instituted Dec. 3, 1969

Ratified July 2, 1997


The Scuba Club agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of the Association of Student Activities, and its executive board as well as the M.I.T. Athletic Department. This constitution, amendments to it, and the Bylaws of this organization shall be subject to review by the ASA Executive Board to insure that they are in accordance with the aforementioned rules and regulations.

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