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Diving at MIT

There are rich opportunities for diving at MIT. The Scuba Club regularly leads trips to the many dive sites in the area, and full rental gear packages are available to club members at significantly reduced rates. (Click here for more gear rental information.) To find out about these dive trips, please sign up on the Scuba Club mailing list.

In addition, the Scuba Club also has limited specialty gear not normally available for rental, including underwater cameras and computers.

For those who are interested in learning how to dive, scuba classes are offered as physical education classes thoughout the year at MIT. Contact the Physical Education department for registration information.

If you would like to take a scuba class but the MIT scuba class schedule does not accomodate your needs, you can also try one of the area dive shops, for example United Divers.

Dive Reports

If you went on an interesting dive, we'd like to know about it! Send a dive report to the club email list at "" Include relevant information on conditions (surf, water temperature, etc.), what happened, and what you saw. As a guide, check out some of the past dive reports by MIT Scuba Club members.

Other Dive opportunities

MIT Scuba Club members were cordially invited by the Metro West Dive Club to participate in their Date at Eight. The meeting place is the Burger King on Rt. 128, every Saturday morning at 08:00 (10:00 during the Winter season). If you do not have a buddy, you are very likely to find one there. A great opportunity to network with other divers!

Buddy Requests

If you would like to go diving and are looking for a buddy, send mail to

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