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Future Engineers...?

Below is a group of pictures of athletes and coaches who have gone through the women's gymnastics program here at MIT. See if you can recognize any of them. Clicking on any of the current team members will take you to their profile.



Ashley Rothenberg '05 Merritt Tam '05 Whitney Watson '05

Cindy Chung '04

Tanya Burka '03 Carrie Garceau '03 Caitlin Dwyer-McNally '03 Deb Dryer '03 Lindsey Wolf '03

Amy Shui '02 Cecile LeCocq '02

Liz Ellingson '01 Sonja Ellefson '01 Karla Maguire '01

(for the 'collage' above) Top row: A, B, C, D, E - Second: F, G, H, I - Third: J, K, L, M - Bottom: N

A: Nann Kronschnabel '00, B: Lee Knight '00, C: Rachel Van Buren '99, D: Eduardo Ovalle - Head Coach, E: Katin Shields '99, F: Alli Christenson '98, G: Sheila Rocchio '97, H: Robin Chiu '00, I: Marnie Bell '99, J: Steph Cheng '00, K: Seema Nagpal '99, L: Stacy Pruitt '99, M: Sabra Kelin '98, N: Tasi Chiarenza '97

Future Engineers....?

George Sawyer Garrett - born to Catherine Rocchio and Sean Garrett on October 30th, 2003.  The family expands...

Breila Nikita O'Malley (Chiarenza) - On Friday June 28th, 2002 a precious new 7lb 4oz engineer was born to Tim O'Malley and Tasi Chiarenza '97

Catherine Rocchio '89 and coach of the team from 1989-1997 just recently gave birth to TWINS! - Two more girls for the Rocchio clan and dad, Sean Garrett, is already exhausted.
Marigold Angelina Garrett was born on July 18th at 10:50 AM . She was 18 and inches long and weighed 5lbs 9 ounces.
Isabella Visca Garrett was born on July 18th at 10:52 AM. She was 19 and inches long and weighed 7lbs 5 ounces.

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