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This website--partly sponsored by the Mellon Foundation and the Middlebury College Center for Educational Technology and partly by the Educational Technology Services at Penn State University--contains texts, images, films, videotaped performances, glossary and exercises pertaining to the study of East Asian literatures and cultures, and their formation in diasporic communities. It also contains resources for students of Chinese. No syllabi are posted here, because this site is designed as an online database for all comparative literature and East Asia-related literature and culture courses taught by Prof. Huang.

"Cultural China" is a term coined by Tu Weiming. It refers to a global site in which Chinese identities continuously interact and formulate the Chineseness. "Cultural China" consists of ethcnially and culturally Chinese socieites: mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. On this website, "Cultural China" is a category that includes literature written in the Chinese language and produced by writers from these regions.

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