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An award-winning author and teacher, Dr. Alex Huang is Associate Professor of English at George Washington University.

Dr. Huang earned his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and a Joint Ph.D. in Humanities from Stanford University, and has studied at Oxford, Strasbourg (France), Göttingen, and München (Germany). He has taught at Stanford, Harvard, Penn State, Middlebury College Bread Loaf School of English, and Seoul National University (South Korea), and given invited talks at Cambridge, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, NYU, UCLA, UT Austin, UBC Vancouver, Tsinghua (Beijing), Northwestern, Waseda (Japan), Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Montpellier (France), Folger (DC), and in London, Edinburgh, Stratford-upon-Avon, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, and other universities. He will give the keynote speech at the 2012 "Text Editing and Digital Culture" conference in Perth, Australia.