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Christy Desmet and Sujata Iyengar


"Nisht kayn Desdemona, nisht kayn Dzulieta": Yiddish Adaptations of The Merchant of Venice and the Early Modern Father-Daughter Bond (pdf) Farrah Lehman
Time Lord of Infinite Space: Celebrity Casting, Romanticism, and British Identity in the RSC's "Doctor Who Hamlet" (pdf) Andrew James Hartley

Asian Shakespeares on Screen: Two Films in Perspective

Edited by Alexander C. Y. Huang

Martial Arts and Masculine Identity in Feng Xiaogang's The Banquet (pdf) Yu Jin Ko
Extending the Filmic Canon: The Banquet and Maqbool (pdf) Mark Thornton Burnett
The Banquet as Cinematic Romance (pdf) Charles Ross
Spectator Violence and Queenly Desire in The Banquet (pdf) Rebecca Chapman
A Thousand Universes: Zhang Ziyi in Feng Xiaogang's The Banquet (pdf) Woodrow B. Hood
Interiority, Masks, and The Banquet (pdf) Yuk Sunny Tien
"Mak[ing] . . . Strange / Even to the disposition that I owe": Vishal Bharadwaj's Maqbool (pdf) Poonam Trivedi
Dharma and Violence in Mumbai (pdf) David Mason
What If Lady Macbeth Were Pregnant?: Amativeness, Procreation, and Future Dynasty in Maqbool (pdf) William C. Ferleman
Indigenizing Macbeth: Vishal Bhardwaj's Maqbool (pdf) Suddhaseel Sen
The Banquet: A Glossary (pdf)
Woodcocks to Springes: Generic Disjunction in The Banquet (pdf) Scott Hollifield
Maqbool and Bollywood Conventions (pdf) Amrita Sen
From Ethnographic Impulses to Apocalyptic Endings: Bharadwaj's Maqbool and Kurosawa's Throne of Blood in Comparative Context (pdf) Blair Orfall
Shakespeare: It's What's for Dinner (pdf) Amy Scott-Douglass
Introduction (pdf) Alexander C.Y. Huang

Appropriations in Performance

Rachel and Juliet (pdf) Sarah Johnson
Finding Romance under Constraint: Three Late Plays (pdf) Alice Dailey

Book Review

Native Shakespeares: Indigenous Appropriations on a Global Stage, edited by Craig Dionne and Parmita Kapadia (pdf) Matt Kozusko


Contributors (pdf)