Graduate Financial Aid

Individual academic departments provide most of the financial support for MIT graduate students, and aid amounts vary significantly among disciplines. Financial support may take the form of research assistantships, instructor and teaching assistantships, fellowships, traineeships, scholarships, grants, and/or other forms of employment such as working as a resident tutor in an undergraduate residence. Most forms of graduate support are granted for merit, while others are granted for financial need or a combination of merit and need.

Applicants are considered for awards after they’ve been accepted into a graduate program. Currently enrolled graduate students seeking financial support should consult with their departmental office.

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How to apply

To be considered for need-based and non-need-based student loans from federal and private sources and/or Federal Work-Study, you need to apply each year. Please select from the following options.

U.S. citizens and permanent residents

International students, including Canadians

Other resources

  • Consult the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education for information on research assistantships, teaching assistantships, fellowships, scholarships, employment as a graduate resident tutor, study-abroad grants, and external sources of aid.

  • Go to SFS Loans to learn about applying for federal and private graduate student loans

  • Consult SFS Student Employment about general information on student jobs, including Federal Work-Study program positions