Special Student Admissions

If you hold a bachelor's degree or higher and are interested in taking classes as a non-degree student at MIT, you must apply through MIT's Advanced Study Program. Please visit their website or contact them at advancedstudy@mit.edu for more information.

If you are an enrolled undergraduate at another university and wish to study subjects not offered at your home university, you may apply to MIT as a Special Student. Special Student status is available to individuals who have successfully completed a year or more of study at the university level. Secondary school students are not eligible.

Special students enjoy most of the privileges of matriculating students but are not eligible for campus housing or financial aid from MIT. Admission as a Special Student is valid for only one term (students must reapply each term) and does not imply admission as a degree candidate at a later time.

Special Student application deadlines are:

Fall Term: May 1 (All Students)
Spring Term: November 1 (All Students)

***Updated instructions for Spring 2016 applications will be availible in late September.  Please wait to submit Spring 2016 application.***

Download Special Student Application

Please contact MITspecial@mit.edu with any questions.