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Online Special Student Application

If you hold a bachelor's degree or higher and are interested in taking classes as a non-degree student at MIT, you must apply through MIT's Advanced Study Program. Please visit their website or contact them at advancedstudy@mit.edu for more information.

MIT employees may be eligible for reimbursement of one MIT course per term through the Tuition Assistance Plan. Employees must adhere to the same application procedures, deadlines, and qualifications as all Special Students. Once they are admitted by the Office of Admissions as a Special Student, employees must log on to their Tuition Assistance Account and enter a tuition deferment request. If students successfully complete their course by earning a minimum final grade of C- or better for an undergraduate course or B- or better for a graduate course, and if they remain eligible to participate in the Tuition Assistance Plan through the last day of their course, their student account will be credited with the amount of the tuition (a prorated amount for part-time employees) by an internal transfer of funds. Please note that auditing a course is not permitted under the Tuition Assistance Plan.

Click here for more information about obtaining the tuition deferment request and reimbursement.

A candidate for admission as a Special Student who is employed by MIT must obtain the approval of his/her supervisor. The supervisor must indicate approval by signing in Section 9 of the application form. Signature approval must be obtained prior to submitting the application to the Office of Admissions.