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these people are foolios
look, i'm a genius

My Favorite Songs
Here is a picture of me.

Here is a picture of my lucky charm, Pedro the Bear. I take him to my tough exams.
Update: Pedro the Bear disappeared on the way to my 6.003 final exam. I searched all over the MIT campus for him, and could not find him. Not surprisingly, I didn't do so hot on that exam. Let's take a moment to remember him.

Me in Bear Form

Bob Burnquist's autograph on the back of my frequent falafel card

I can beat World 1 of Super Mario Brothers 3 (NES) in under four minutes (3:48). Time starts when you press the Start Button on "1 Player Game" and hear the ding. Time ends when you catch the Koopa's Wand. Warping out of World 1 does not count as beating it.