Iruña - Harvard Square
Addis Red Sea - South End on Tremont Street
Herrell's Ice Cream - Harvard Square
Christina's Ice Cream - Inman Square (have the Bittersweet Chocolate)
Union Oyster House - Government Center (clam chowder)
Henrietta's Table - Harvard Square (The Charles Hotel -- have the duck)
El Pelón Taqueria - behind Fenway Park on Peterborough

Standard Tap - 2nd and Poplar (lamb sandwich)
Kabobeesh - 42nd and Chestnut
Greek Lady Food Truck - 38th and Walnut

New York City
Sparks Steakhouse - 30something and 2nd Ave
Churrascaria Plataforma - high 40's and Broadway
Palm - high 40's and Broadway - medium is burnt, get medium rare