This list doesn't include songs on my favorite record, "Graceland" by Paul Simon. In someone else's words:

"Trust me; you are a lesser individual without having heard this album. It is not just a collection of songs; it is an experience." I think words like "lesser individual" are a bit excessive, but the bottom line is: go get yourself a copy.

That being said, in no particular order...

 Led Zeppelin           - Fool in the Rain
 Joni Mitchell          - Carey
 Simon and Garfunkel    - The Boxer
 Israel Kamakawiwo'ole  - Over the Rainbow / What a Wonderful World
 Joni Mitchell          - All I Want
 Peter, Paul, and Mary  - Puff
 Leahy                  - The Call to Dance Medley
 Mary Bergin            - Rileanna - Cinnte Le Dia
 Rolling Stones         - Sympathy for the Devil