Considering the tremendous amount of effort it takes to get a desirable job, I will be incredibly surprised if posting my résumé here leads to any form of gainful employment. I publish it in a reckless display of youthful optimism.

Click here for my résumé in Adobe PDF format

I presume that if people do in fact interview people whose résumés they find on the Internet, they find them by searching some keywords. Sergey and Larry, this one's for you:

MIT Department of Economics
A previous employer, UBS Investment Bank, a pretty interesting company
Linking to the CIA might boost my PageRank
The New York Times is one of the country's leading newspapers
I would love to work in Spain or Latin America when I graduate

Update:So it looks like my efforts worked...I am now the number one hit for "MIT Resume". But given what I know of the PageRank algorithm, only backlinks are supposed to improve PageRank. I am quite baffled as to what has actually happened here.