"Goodbye Amal"
written by Teresa Fazio
to the tune of "Goodbye Earl" by the Dixie Chicks
millerja & Rhode lived on Second West
All through their freshman year
Their hallmate Amal they thought was a pest
The things he said and did were queer.
To band rehearsal Erin Rhode went out
to take a break from the hall
millerja got bored and went to the lounge
and all she found was Amal

Well it wasn't two minutes after she got there
That Amal started makin' a mess
His spaghetti smelled bad
and the OJ he had
spilled on the couch made Jenn real stressed
Well, she finally got the nerve 
to tell him to clean up
and get his garbage outta there
But Amal walked right back
into the lounge and
smeared Nutella all over the chairs.

Then Erin returned to the hall from band practice
Her face was swollen with pinkeye
And she met up with Jenn
And they worked out a plan
And it didn't take them long to decide
That Amal had to die

Goodbye Amal
That mac 'n cheese
Tasted alright to me, Amal
You feelin' weak?
Why don't you lay down and sleep, Amal?
Ain't it cooler
stuffed into that dewar, Amal?

The CP's came by on a routine patrol
We hid our beers behind ekshea's door
Then they tipped their hats 
And said "thank you, ladies"
and continued onto the next floor.
Well, the weeks went by 
And IAP ended
The term loomed dark and mean
and maybe we missed Amal's ridonkulous stories,
but damn, that lounge was clean!

So they got some paper towels
and sat there for hours
with some Formula 409
The result was this:
They now lounge in bliss
and they don't lose any sleep at night,
'Cuz Amal had to die

Goodnight, Amal
I feel a shiver
Let's go out to the river, Amal
Oh, what's that thingy?
We're takin' out a Tech Dinghy, Amal
Erin's gettin' your mail
So let's go for a sail, Amal
Hey, well hey, hey, hey
Aw, hey, hey, hey
Well, hey, hey, hey