AeroAstro #1

USNWR ranks AeroAstro #1 undergrad aero engineering program

Five in the sky

New fellowships announced

AeroAstro graduate fellowships for females, underrepresented persons

Tales of Apollo

Feedback spaceboots

Vibrating footwear, augmented glasses for astronauts, earth walkers

Close encounter

20 —Twenties

Grad students Aguilar, Brown honored by Aviation Week

Reducing uncertainty

“Awesome Woman”

Magazine honors Boeing design engineer Tiera Guinn (’17)

On target

Tiny sats, tiny thrusters

Lozano’s coin-sized thrusters could propel CubeSats via ion spray

Alumni astronauts

Now you see it …

Alumns’ startup uses daylight to make drones vanish

Space hotel a winner

Rocket Woman

At SpaceX, Shana Diez (’03) working on next-gen crewed spacecraft

Miniature brains for drones

No moving parts?

Barrett exploring ion electric propulsion for aircraft

Record for the Rocket Team

Rocket drone

AeroAstro Beaver Works developing Mach .8 drone for the Air Force

James Mar Dies at 96

Zero Robotics ’17

High schoolers’ codes run by ISS crew in MIT tournament

Tesla of the Sky

West Coast visit

AeroAstro students visit aerospace industry during annual trip

Wind Tunnel Open House

AeroAstro's Women Pioneers

Rocket Team builds its biggest rocket yet

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