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Download Our Future: Aero-Astro Strategic Report (pdf 4.5MB)

During 2005-2007, the MIT AeroAstro Department reviewed, revised, and reinvigorated our strategy, developing a plan for leadership and success. This plan is detailed in the document Our Future: Aero-Astro Strategic Report.

We start by defining our vision, mission, and goals. We then present our values — the principles and qualities to which we collectively aspire. Next, we review the changes that have occurred in our department during the last 10 years, and describe a new Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics focused on aerospace vehicle engineering, engineering of large-scale, complex aerospace systems, and aerospace information engineering. Leadership and excellence in these three areas are critical for producing scientific, industrial, and societal advances in the four domains in which we work: transportation, exploration, communication, and national security. With this as a foundation, we describe research and education areas that offer grand challenges and grand opportunities for aerospace, the nation, the world. We are building our capabilities to contribute to these complex multidisciplinary problems. Our ability to address challenges and opportunities is multiplied by linkages within AeroAstro, across the Institute, and around the world.

As its name implies, Our Future: Aero-Astro Strategic Report provides a foundation and a roadmap for our future.


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