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All AeroAstro students are partnered with a faculty advisor. We view advising as an important part of the educational process, and our academic advisors play a major role in your academic program. They are more than just people who sign registration forms and add/drop cards. An advisor should be someone you trust and, as the term implies, who you can approach for advice, not only with academic issues, but also broader issues such as summer internships, job and grad school applications, and personal matters.

Through the department’s Early Warning system, your advisor is notified if you are having trouble in a subject. The advisor will reach out to you, offering guidance and support. In such cases, we also expect you to access departmental and Institute resources to help balance life and improve academically.  This is an extremely important part of the process, especially if your advisor is called upon to advocate for a you if you face Institute Warning or Required Withdrawal.

AeroAstro majors select an advisor online by reviewing faculty profiles and submitting three advisor preferences. The department does its best to assign you to one of your preferences, but this isn't always possible as some advisors may be oversubscribed with upperclassmen. If you later wish to change advisors, you may request reassignment. Upperclassmen whose advisors go on sabbatical are also reassigned. These students have the option of returning to their initial advisor when the professor returns from sabbatical.  

For more information about advising, please contact academic programs administrator Marie Stuppard,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 77 Massachusetts  Avenue, 33 - 207, Cambridge, MA 02139

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