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Astronaut Janice Voss, who received her Ph.D. from AeroAstro, is a veteran of five Shuttle flights. With an AeroAstro degree, professional opportunities are bountiful and exciting.

Astronaut Janice Voss


Undergraduate Degrees

AeroAstro offers the following four-year Bachelor of Science degrees:

  • Aerospace Engineering (16-1)
    The Aerospace Engineering degree provides a foundation in the disciplines related to engineering aerospace vehicles. If you're interested in aerodynamics, propulsion, structural design, advanced materials, dynamics, or human factors, this may be the degree for you.
  • Aerospace Engineering with Information Technology (16-2)
    Information engineering is a critical sub-discipline of aerospace engineering. This degree builds on the core aerospace education, providing specialization in aerospace information technologies. If you're interested in control systems, computer programming, electronics, communications, or autonomous systems, you may want to pursue this degree.
  • SB in Engineering as recommended by the Department (16-ENG)
    Course 16-ENG is a new degree offering flexibility within the context of aerospace engineering. The program leads to a Bachelor of Science in Engineering as recommended by the Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics. Depending on your interests, in 16-ENG you can develop a deeper level of understanding and skill in a field of engineering comprising multiple disciplinary areas (e.g., autonomous systems, computational engineering, engineering management), or a greater understanding and skill in an interdisciplinary area (e.g., energy, environment and sustainability, or space exploration). This is accomplished through a foundation within core aerospace engineering disciplines, followed by a six-subject concentration tailored to your interests, and completed with hands-on aerospace engineering lab and capstone design subjects. Download the 16-ENG description and degree requirements.

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