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Freshman Year

MIT students don't choose their majors until the end of their freshman year. Freshmen study core subjects in science, mathematics, and the humanities, arts, and social sciences (the General Institute Requirements). During the freshman year, students may add electives to their program, usually including a Freshman Advising Seminar led by the student's advisor.

For freshmen interested in aerospace, AeroAstro offers two classes in the spring: Introduction to Aerospace Engineering and Design (Course 16.00), and 16S26 Modern Space Science and Space Engineering. In 16.00, student teams undertake a lighter-than-air vehicle project where they design, build, and race radio-controlled blimps. The course is taught by former NASA astronaut, Prof. Jeffrey Hoffman, has no prerequisites, carries nine units, and is letter-graded. 16S26, co-taught also by Prof. Hoffman, introduces students to selected areas of interest in contemporary space research. Numerous speakers are invited to give class lectures. 16S26 has no prerequisites, carries six units, and is graded pass/fail.



Students in Introduction to Aerospace Engineering and Design design, build, and race radio-controlled blimps.

students with blimp

Freshmen planning to major in Aeronautics and Astronautics are welcome to participate in departmental activities, including the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program and student groups and clubs. Freshmen are invited to attend special lectures programs with guest speakers from the aerospace industry, NASA, the FAA, and other organizations, and to apply for summer internships through our Space Grant program.

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