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Chen, Y., "Topics on conceptual design of the D8 aircraft : fuel burn uncertainty estimate and BLI propulsor loss modeling", Aero 2017 S.M.

Erickson, D.W., "Characterization of performance-limiting flow mechanisms in a centrifugal compressor stage", Aero 2017 S.M.

Kleiven, T.J., "Effect of gas path heat transfer on turbine loss", Aero 2017 S.M.

Koff, A.S., "Tip clearance effects on multistage axial compressor performance and flow structure for small core application", Aero 2017 S.M.


Berg, R.A, "Experimental and analytical assessment of cavity modes in a gas turbine wheelspace", Aero 2016 S.M.

Gao, R., "Area-schedule based design of high pressure recovery radial diffusion systems", Aero 2016 S.M.

Paxson, D.E., "Experimental characterization of condensation behavior for metastable carbon dioxide", Aero 2016 S.M.

Subashki, G.V., "An investigation of transcritical effects for fuel injection and mixing applications", Aero 2016 S.M.

Wang, V., "Characterization of cavitation instabilities in rocket engine turbopump inducers", Aero 2016 S.M.


Hall, D.K., “Analysis of civil aircraft propulsors with boundary layer ingestion”, Aero 2015 Ph.D

Jedamski, D.J., "Turbine inlet non-uniformities and unsteady mechanisms", Aero 2015 S.M.

Kiss, A.L.A., "Two investigations of compressor stability : spike stall inception and transient heat transfer effects", Aero 2015 S.M.

Lee, J., "Aerothermodynamics and operation of turbine system under unsteady pulsating flow", Aero 2015 S.M. 

Lieu, M.K., "Quantification of the boundary layer ingestion benet for the D8-series aircraft using a pressure rake system", Aero 2015 S.M. 

Siu, N.M., "Evaluation of propulsor aerodynamic performance for powered aircraft wind tunnel experiments", Aero 2015 S.M.

Tiralap, A., "Effects of rotor tip blade loading variation on compressor stage performance", Aero 2015 S.M.


Barile, K., "Impeller loss reduction in multi-stage centrifugal compressors", Aero 2014 S.M.

Clifton, D.M., "Impact of unsteady secondary air flow interaction with main flow on loss generation in axial turbines", Aero 2014 S.M. 

Espitia, A.E., "Application of overset grids for aerodynamic assessment of an advanced civil transport aircraft", Aero 2014 S.M.

Everitt, J., “The role of impeller outflow conditions on the performance and stability of airfoil vaned radial difusers”, Aero 2014 Ph.D

Mannai, S.K., Multi-parameter control for centrifugal compressor performance optimization", Aero 2014 S.M.

Pertuzé Salas, J.A., "Strategic change and the coevolution of industry-university relationships: evidence from the forest products industry", M.E. 2014 Ph.D

Palmer, T.R., "Effects of axial turbine tip shroud cavity flow on performance and durability", M.E. 2014 S.M.

Peters, A., “Ultra-short nacelles for low fan pressure ratio propulsors”, Aero 2014 Ph.D

Sorensen, W.A., “A body force model for cavitating inducers in rocket engine turbopumps”, Aero 2014 S.M.

Walton, E.J., “Forced response of a centrifugal compressor stage due to the impeller-difuser interaction”, Aero 2014 S.M.

Yang, D., "Experimental assessment of the internal flow behavior of supercritical carbon dioxide" Aero 2014 S.M.


Brand, M.L., “An improved blade passage model for estimating off-design axial compressor performance”, Aero 2013 S.M.

Catafalmo, P.T., “Characterization of turbine rim seal flow and its sealing effectiveness”, Aero 2013 S.M.

Grasch, A.D., “Design of a model propulsor for a boundary layer ingesting aircraft”, Aero 2013 S.M.

Guo, W., “Centrifugal compressor return channel shape optimization using adjoint method”, Aero 2013 S.M.

Kottapalli, A.P., “Development of a body force model for centrifugal compressors”, Aero 2013 S.M.

Mazur, S., “Turbine tip clearance loss mechanisms”, Aero 2013 S.M.


Aubry, A.R., “Return channel loss reduction in multi-stage centrifugal compressors”, Aero 2012 S.M.

Baltadjiev, N.D., "An investigation of real gas effects in supercritical CO2 compressors", Aero 2012 S.M.

DiOrio, A.G., "Small core axial compressors for high efficiency jet engines", Aero 2012 S.M.

Lusardi, C.D., "Characterization of unsteady loading due to impeller-diffuser interaction in centrifugal compressors", Computation for Design and Optimization Program, 2012 S.M.

Sakulkaew, S., “Effects of rotor tip clearance on an embedded compressor stage performance”, M.E. 2012 S.M.

Sato, S., “The power balance method for aerodynamic performance assessment”, Aero 2012 Ph.D.

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Colas, D.F.M., “A diffraction integral based turbomachinery noise shielding method”, Aero 2011 S.M.

Cook, E.H., “Carbon nanotube bearings in theory and practice”, Aero 2011 Ph.D.

Garza, T.C., “Single crystal silicon as a macro-world structural material: application to compact, lightweight high pressure vessels”, Aero 2011 Ph.D.

Defoe, J.J., “Inlet swirl distortion effects on the generation and propagation of fan rotor shock noise”, Aero 2011 Ph.D.

Hall, D.K., “Performance limits of axial turbomachine stages”, Aero 2011 S.M.

Huang, A.C., “Loss mechanisms in turbine tip clearance flows”, Aero 2011 S.M.

Mulchandani, H., “An engine air-brake integration study”, Aero 2011 S.M.

Zlatinov, M.B., “Secondary air interaction with main flow in axial turbines”, Aero 2011 S.M.

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Everitt, J.N., “Investigation of stall inception in centrifugal compressors using isolated diffuser simulations”, Aero 2010 S.M.

Glass, B.W., “Improved return passages for multistage centrifugal compressors”, Aero 2010 S.M.

Hanley, B.K., “Effect of circumferential groove casing treatment parameters on axial compressor flow range”, Aero 2010 S.M.

Kerner, J.H., “An assessment of body force representations for compressor stall simulation”, Aero 2010 S.M.

Peters, A., “Assessment of propfan propulsion systems for reduced environmental impact”, Aero 2010 S.M.

Weed, P.A., “Hybrid-wing body aircraft noise and performance assessment”, Aero 2010 S.M.

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Benneke, B., “A Methodology for centrifugal compressor stability prediction methodology”, Aero 2009 S.M.

Nolan, S.P.R., “Effects of upstream wake phasing on the performance of transonic compressors”, Aero 2009 Ph.D.

Ng, L.W.T., “Design and acoustic shielding prediction of hybrid wing-body aircraft”, Aero 2009 S.M.

Patel, A.A., “Assessment of a body force representation for compressor stability estimation”, Aero 2009 S.M.

Reichstein, G.A., “Estimation of axial compressor body forces using three-dimensional flow computations”, Aero 2009 S.M.

Tanaka, S., “Acoustic and thermal packaging of small gas turbines for portable power”, Aero 2009 S.M.

Walker, III, T.K., “The development and requirements of a body force database from two-dimensional and streamline curvature calculations ”, Aero 2009 S.M.

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Botros, B.B, “Impact of unsteady flow processes on the performance of a high speed axial flow compressor”, Aero 2008 S.M.

Chan, N.Y.S., “Scaling considerations for small aircraft engines”, Aero 2008 S.M.

Jovanovic, S., “Design of a 50W air supplied turbogenerator”, Aero 2008 S.M.

Kiwada, G.F., “Development of a body force description for compressor stability assessment”, Aero 2008 S.M.

Yen, B.C.H. ”A fully-integrated multi-watt permanent-magnet turbine generator”, Aero 2008 Ph.D.

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Hill, IV, R.A., “Simulation of spike stall inception in a radial vaned diffuser”, Aero 2007 S.M.

Mobed, D.D., “Experimental aero-acoustic assessment of swirling flows for drag applications,” Aero 2007 S.M.

Shah, P.N., “Novel turbomachinery concepts for highly integrated airframe/propulsion systems,” M.E. 2007 Ph.D.

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Bert, J., “Application of a design optimization strategy to multi-stage compressor matching,” Aero 2006 S.M.

Cohen, E.D., “Vibration detection in turbomachinery using non-contacting sensors,” E.E. 2006 M.Eng.

Gould, K.A., “Characterization of unsteady flow processes in a centrifugal compressor stage,” Aero 2006 S.M.

Le Floch-Yin, F.T., “Entropy generation in fluid mixing,” Aero 2006 S.M.

Lei, V.M., “A simple criterion for three-dimensional flow separation in axial compressors,” Aero 2006 Ph.D.

Plas, A.P., “Performance of a boundary layer ingesting propulsion system,” Aero 2006 S.M.

Shinagawa, Y., “Propulsion considerations for supersonic oblique flying wings, “Aero 2006 S.M.

Teo, C.J., “MEMS turbomachinery rotordynamics : modeling, design and testing,” Aero 2006 Ph.D.

Villanueva, A.D., “Characterization of the flow field response to vaneless space reduction in centrifugal compressors,” Aero 2006 S.M.

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Castiella Ruiz de Velasco, J.C., “A novel design methodology for enhanced compressor performance based on a dynamic stability metric,” Aero 2005 S.M.

Dakhel, P.M., “Modeling of particulate matter creation and evolution in aircraft engines, plumes and particle sampling systems,” Aero 2005 S.M.

Freuler, P.N., “Boundary layer ingesting inlet design for a silent aircraft,” Aero 2005 S.M.

Kambouchev, N.D., “Probabilistic analysis of compression system stability using importance sampling,” Aero 2005 S.M.

Klima, K., “Assessment of a global contrail modeling method and operational strategies for contrail mitigation,” Aero 2005 S.M.

Lee, J.J., “Modeling aviation's global emissions, uncertainty analysis, and applications to policy,” Aero 2005 Ph.D.

Liu, L., “Theory for hydrostatic gas journal bearings for micro-electro-mechanical systems,” M.E. 2005 Ph.D.

Nolan, S.P., “Effect of radical transport on compressor tip clearance flow structures and enhancement of stable flow range,” Aero 2005 S.M.

Onnée, J.-F., “Aerodynamic performance measurements in a counter-rotating aspirated compressor,” Aero 2005 S.M.

Parker, D.V., “Design and operation of a counter-rotating aspirated compressor blowdown test facility,” Aero 2005 S.M.

Sakaliyski, K.D., “Aeroacoustics of perforated drag plates for quiet transport aircraft,” Aero 2005 S.M.

Sirakov, B.T., “Characterization and design of non-adiabatic micro-compressor impeller and preliminary design of self-sustained micro engine system,” Aero 2005 Ph.D.

Smythe, C.J., “Forced response predictions in modern centrifugal compressor design,” Aero 2005 S.M.

Tournier, S.E., “Flow analysis and control in a subsonic inlet,” Aero 2005 S.M.

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Ahsun, U., “Dynamic characterization and active control of unstarts in a near-isentropic supersonic inlet,” Aero 2004 S.M.

Bernier, M., “An experimental investigation of heat transfer to hydrogen peroxide in microtubes,” M.E. 2004 S.M.

Choi, D., “Silicon carbide process development for microengine applications : residual stress control and microfabrication,” MatSci&E 2004 Ph.D.

Collin, J.E., “Impact of aerothermal modeling on the estimation of turbine blade life,” M.E. 2004 S.M.

Fitzgerald, N.A., “Probabilistic analysis of meanline compressor rotor performance,” Aero 2004 S.M.

Köser, H., “Development of magnetic induction machines for micro turbo machinery,” E.E. 2002 Ph.D.

Kountras, A., “Probabilistic analysis of turbine blade durability,” Aero 2004 S.M.

Lackner, M., “Vibration and crack detection in gas turbine engine compressor blades using Eddy current sensors,” Aero 2004 S.M.

Manneville, A., “Propulsion system concepts for silent aircraft,” Aero 2004 S.M.

Park, S., “Avionics and control system development for mid-air rendezvous of two unmanned aerial vehicles,” Aero 2004 Ph.D.

Protz, C.S., “Experimental investigation of microfabricated bipropellant rocket engines,” Aero 2004 Ph.D.

Savoulides, N., “Development of a MEMS turbocharger and gas turbine engine,” Aero 2004 Ph.D.

Spadaccini, C.M., “Combustion systems for power-MEMS applications,” Aero 2004 Ph.D.

Townsend, J.L., “Experimental evaluation and modeling of a turbine blade with potassium evaporative cooling,” Aero 2004 Ph.D.

Turner, K.T., “Wafer bonding : mechanics-based models and experiments,” M.E. 2004 Ph.D.

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Aknouche, S., “Impact of tip clearance flow on centrifugal pump impeller performance,” Aero 2003 S.M.

Blanvillain, E., “Dynamic stability analysis of a multi-stage axial compressor with design implications,” M.Eng 2003 E.M.

Chan, K.I., “An assessment of computational procedures for eleven-stage compressor response to inlet distortion,” Aero 2003 S.M.

Diez, S., “Preliminary performance characteristics of a microfabricated turbopump,” Aero 2003 S.M.

Dorca Luque, J.M., “Application of an energy-like stability metric for axial compressor design,” Aero 2003 S.M.

Hanlon, C., “Engine design implications for a blended wing body aircraft with boundary layer ingestion”, M.E. 2003

Hao, B., “Effect of variability on combustor performance,” Aero 2003 S.M.

Kirk, D.R., “Near-wall reaction effects on film-cooled surface heat transfer,” Aero 2003 Ph.D.

Lin, Y., “Fabrication and testing of a spar-actuated active compressor rotor blade,” Aero 2003 S.M.

Luers, A.S., “Flow control techniques in a serpentine inlet : an enabling technology to increase the military viability of unmanned air vehicles,” Aero 2003 S.M.

Luo, J., “Computational study of rotating stall in high-speed compressor,” Aero 2003 S.M.

MacLeod, B.B., “Effect of a sinusoidal three-lobe total pressure distortion on a transonic compressor : distortion propagation, compressor performance, and blade passage events,” Aero 2003 S.M.

Milanes, D.W., “Near wall reaction effects on film-cooled backward-facing step heat transfer,” Aero 2003 S.M.

Murray, N.P., “Effects of impeller-diffuser interaction on centrifugal compressor performance,” Aero 2003 S.M.

Peck, J., “Development of a catalytic combustion system for the MIT Micro Gas Turbine Engine,” Aero 2003 S.M.

Perrot, V.P., “A design optimization framework for enhanced compressor stability using dynamic system modeling,” Aero 2003 S.M.

Pilczer, D., “Noise reduction assessments and preliminary design implications for a functionally-silent aircraft,” Aero 2003 S.M.

Vincent, A., “Impact of geometric variability on compressor repeating-stage performance,” Aero 2003 S.M.

Yam, C.K., “Validation of modeling methodology and investigation of mass addition effects on evolution of trace species in post-combustor flow path,” Aero 2003 S.M.

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Blanvillain, E., “Dynamic Stability Analysis of a Multi-Stage Axial Compressor with Design Implications”, M.E. 2002

Braddom, S.R., “Design and characterization of robust hot film sensors for tactial aircraft inlets,” Aero 2002 S.M.

Chase, J.P., “Value creation in the product development process,” Aero 2002 S.M.

Dailey, R.J., “An automation approach to guiding an air vehicle through an obstacle field,” Aero 2002 S.M.

Jamonet, L., “Testing of a microrocket engine turbopump,” Aero 2002 S.M.

Janjua, J.J., “Instrumentation for aerodynamic and thermal performance tests of a turbine stage in short-duration facilities,” Aero 2002 S.M.

Joppin, C., “Cooling performance of storable propellants for a micro rocket engine,” Aero 2002 S.M.

Kirchner, J., “Aerodynamic design of an aspirated counter-rotating Compressor,” Aero 2002 S.M.

Lenglin, G.P., “Characterization of wake- and tip-vortex-induced unsteady blade response in multistage compressor environment,” Aero 2002 S.M.

McElwain, B.D., “Unsteady separation point injection for pressure recovery improvement in high subsonic diffusers,” Aero 2002 S.M.

Moon, H.S., “Design of Si/SiC hybrid structures for elevated temperature micro-turbomachinery,” M.E. 2002 Ph.D.

Noonan, E.E., “Structural analysis of the MIT Micro Rocket Combustion Chamber,” Aero 2002 S.M.

Vo, H.D., “Role of tip clearance flow on axial compressor stability,” Aero 2002 Ph.D.

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Babikian, R., “The historical fuel efficiency characteristics of regional aircraft from technological, operational, and cost perspectives,” Aero 2001 S.M.

Bae, J.W., “Active control of tip clearance flow in axial compressors,” Aero 2001 Ph.D.

Choi, T.J., “Development of an effective computational methodology for multi-stage compressor map generation,” Aero 2001 S.M.

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Yang, W., “A MEMS valve for the MIT microengine,” M.E. 2001 S.M.

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Al-Nahwi, A.A., “Aerodynamic-rotordynamic interaction in axial compression systems,” M.E. 2000 Ph.D.

Chobot, A.T., “Modeling the evolution of trace species in the post-combustor flow path of gas turbine engines,” M.E. 2000 S.M.

Farahat, W.A., “Dynamical characterization, state estimations and testing of active compressor blades,” M.E. 2000 S.M.

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Wohletz, J.M., “Retrofit systems for reconfiguration in civil aviation,” Aero 2000 Ph.D.

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