Eye Tracker

Eye Tracker mounted on capEye Tracker in use

An eye tracker is a measurement device used to collect participants’ eye fixation data during the course of an experiment, and can be used to help determine the cognitive strategies of the participants. HAL owns a Polhemus VisionTrak® developed by SCAN® which is a head-mounted eye tracking system on a baseball cap with an adjustable head-band. (A baseball cap is chosen to minimize subject discomfort and allow full head movement.)

The eye tracking system tracks the center of a participant’s pupil and the reflection from the corneal surface. This tracking information is integrated with head movement data to determine the participant's gaze fixation location. The head movement data is found using a magnetic source and sink. By analyzing the participant's gaze fixation locations, we can observe which portions of an interface participants are accessing, yielding insight into the interface's usability and the participant's cognitive strategies.

This technology is sponsored by the Office of the Naval Research.