Multimodal Work Station (MMWS)

Multimodal Workstation demonstratedEye Tracker in combination with Multimodal Workstation The multi-modal workstation (MMWS) is a four screen computer display designed after the Navy’s multi-modal watchstation concept (Osga et al., 2002). The three screens across the top are 21 inches (1280x1024), and the bottom screen is 15 inches (1024x768). MMWS is being used for multiple studies ranging from supporting multi UAV supervisory control to system acquisition decision-making.

Reference: Osga, G., Van Orden, K., Campbell, N., Kellmeyer, D., & Lulue, D. (2002). Design and evaluation of warfighter task support methods in a multi-modal watchstation (No. 1874): SPAWAR, San Diego.