Table Top/ Escritoire

Table Top/EscritoireTable topThe tabletop enables us to conduct a variety of research projects in human supervisory control systems with a large-scale display as well as pen-based input. The current research projects include a first responder system for Urban Search and Rescue domain, an aircraft carrier deck simulation, multiple unmanned vehicle supervisory control, and asymmetric collaboration for distributed teams.

The tabletop hardware consists of four projectors (Dell 5100MP) and a pen-based digitizer (GTCO CalComp DrawingBoard V) as well as a desktop computer (dual core 2.4GHz PC with two NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT dual-head graphics cards). Since it is hard to make an alignment of projected displays, we are using T3 toolkit (Tuddenhaum, 07) to make a seamless high-resolution (2560x2048) display.

This technology is sponsored by Thales, Inc. and DARPA.

Reference: Tuddenham, P. , Robinson, P. 2007. T3: Rapid Prototyping of High-Resolution and Mixed-Presence Tabletop Applications. Horizontal Interactive Human-Computer Systems, International Workshop on 0, 11-18.