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Prof. Missy Cummings Mary (Missy) Cummings
Visiting Professor, MIT Aeronautics and Astronautics
Principal Investigator, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)

email: missyc "at" mit.edu

Mary (Missy) Cummings received her B.S. in Mathematics from the United States Naval Academy in 1988, her M.S. in Space Systems Engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School in 1994, and her Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia in 2003. A naval officer and military pilot from 1988-1999, she was one of the Navy's first female fighter pilots. She is currently an Associate Professor in the Aeronautics & Astronautics Department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her previous teaching experience includes instructing for the U.S. Navy at Pennsylvania State University and as an assistant professor for the Virginia Tech Engineering Fundamentals Division. Her research interests include human interaction with autonomous vehicle systems, modeling human interaction with complex systems, decision support design for time-pressured, uncertain systems, and the ethical and social impact of technology.

Doctoral Students

Jason Rathje Jason Ryan
email: jcryan13 "at" mit.edu

Jason finished his Master's degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics in Course 16 and is now a PhD Candidate in the Engineering Systems Division. Jason's research focuses on the construction of agent-based simulation models for testing the effectiveness UAV system integration in collaborative human environments like the National Airspace System, mining environments, or aircraft carrier flight decks. His prior work was on the development of situation awareness and planning displays for scheduling and logistics operations (specifically, for aircraft carrier flight deck operations). Jason's other academic interests include the human factors issues of unmanned vehicles, integration of unmanned vehicles in practice, and unmanned systems safety.

When he's not in the lab, you can expect to find him enjoying sports, music, history, and cooking

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Alex Stimpson Alexander Stimpson
e-mail: ajstimps “at” mit.edu

Alex is a doctoral degree candidate in MIT’s department of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering. Alex received his SM in Humans in Aerospace from MIT in 2011 and his Bachelor’s in Biological Engineering from the University of Florida in 2007. His research focuses on the application of Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) to monitoring trainees’ behavior during instruction. He has experience in human factors, particularly display design and evaluation.

Outside of his studies, Alex enjoys squash and tennis, as well as supporting the departmental student groups.

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Masters Students

Mark Boyer Mark Boyer
email: mwboyer "at" mit.edu

Mark is a master’s student exploring the transition from low to high mental workload in primarily low-task environments. He is working with the missile defense group at Lincoln Lab to more effectively incorporate a human into the missile defense system.

Mark graduated with a BS in Aeronautical Engineering from the US Air Force Academy in 2012 and will be attending pilot training after his time at MIT. He enjoys playing golf with the club team and other sports around campus.

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Undergraduate Students

Visiting Students and Co-ops

Affiliated Faculty and Researchers

Duncan A. Campbell: Engineering Systems, Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
email: da.campbell "at" qut.edu.au

Nancy Cooke: Cognitive Engineering Research Institute
email: ncooke "at" cerici.org

Gilles Coppin: Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications de Bretagne
email: gilles.coppin "at" enst-bretagne.fr

Peter Hancock: University of Central Florida MIT2 Lab
(Minds in Technology/Machines in Thought)
email: phancock "at" pegasus.cc.ucf.edu

John Lee: Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison
email: jdlee "at" engr.wisc.edu

Nancy Leveson: MIT Aeronautics and Astronautics
email: leveson "at" mit.edu

Tom Sheridan: MIT Mechanical Engineering

Lee Spence: Lincoln Lab
email: spence “at” ll.mit.edu


Sally Chapman Sally Chapman
email: sallyc "at" mit.edu

Sally Chapman has Bachelor of Fine Art from Michigan State University and worked as a studio artist for many years before finding her way to graphics/web design and MIT employment. She works as administrative assistant to three faculty members in the Aero/Astro department including Prof. Missy Cummings.

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