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MIT Humans and Technology Symposium

The Humans and Automation Laboratory held a week-long symposium in January 2006 to raise awareness of human-centered technology design, research methods, and practices. The symposium exposed professionals and students from all disciplines to the benefits of human-centered research and practices. It also provided researchers and practitioners from various related fields such as Human Factors, Human-Computer Interaction, Science and Technology, etc., the opportunity to gain an awareness of the states of the art in an informal and collaborative environment.

Speaker list

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Ed Bachelder - Systems Technology Inc.
"Fused Reality and Immersive Training Applications"

Greg Baiden - Penguin Automated Systems Inc. / Laurentian University
"Teleautonomy - From research to industrial applications with a focus on mining"

Lindsley Boiney - MITRE Corp.
"Human Systems Integration: Issues and Challenges"

Ronald Boring - Idaho National Laboratory
"Designing for Human Reliability"

Larry Bush - MIT-Lincoln Laboratory
"Semi-Automated Cueing of Predator UAV Operators from RADAR Moving Target Data"

Barrett Caldwell - Purdue University
"Human Information and Knowledge Coordination in Space Mission Operations:  Integrating Systems Engineering and Team Performance Perspectives"

Sheelagh Carpendale - University of Calgary
"Design through Observations:  Illustrated with the development of a collaborative tabletop interface"

Jack Carroll - American Institute for Research
"Design Practices from the American Institutes for Research: Designing Enabling Technologies for Medical and Non-traditional User Populations"

Nancy Cooke - Cognitive Engineering Research Institute / Arizona State University
"Designing for Collaboration"

Gilles Coppin - École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications (ENST) de Bretagne
"Human-Centered Decision Support"

Donald Cox - Klein Associates Division, ARA
"An Approach to Life Cycle Evaluation of Complex Systems"

Steven Deal - Deal Corp
"Achieving a Fieldable, Acquisition Process for Human-Centered DoD Systems"

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Joan Morris DiMicco - MIT Media Lab / Sun Microsystems Ltd.
"Designing Interfaces that Influence Group Behavior"

Mica Ensley - SA Technologies

Sara Howitt - QinetiQ Ltd.
"Human Interaction with Teams of Autonomous UAVs"

Kori Inkpen - Dalhousie University
"Location-Awareness 'On the Move'"

Josh Introne - Charles River Analytics
"Consensus through Awareness in Online Deliberation"

Bob Kobierski and Ming Hou - CMC Electronics / Defence R&D Canada
"Design and Development of An Agent-Aided Operator Interface for the Control of Multiple UAVs"

Michael Linegang - Aptima, Inc.
"Evaluating Technology used in Complex Environments: Examples from Infantry Soldier System Evaluation"

Yili Liu - University of Michigan
"Queueing Network Modeling of Human Performance"

Jennifer Narkevicius - Skills Net
"You Want Me To Do What?? With Who?? Integrating Humans with Technology"

Jon Platts - Muretex Ltd.
"Autonomous Systems Design - A Human Centric Paradox"

Laurence Newcome - SRA International, Inc.
"Origins and Evolution of Unmanned Aviation"

Charles Rich - MERL - Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
“I Can't Even Program My VCR And They Just Keeping Throwing More Complicated Stuff at Me!"

Victor Riley - User Interaction Research and Design, Inc.
"The Automation Tug-of-War Between Designers and Users"

Peter Robinson - University of Cambridge
"Video user interfaces"

Emilie Roth - Roth Cognitive Engineering
"Work-Centered Support Systems:  A Framework for Design and Evaluation of Computer Support Systems"

Tom Skrmetti - Rite-Solutions Inc.
"Integrating HSI in the Submarine Design Process"

Greg Trafton - Naval Research Laboratory
"Mitigating the disruptiveness of interruptions or Help!  What was I doing?"

Holly Yanco - University of Massachusetts, Lowell
"Designing for Human-Robot Interaction"

Wayne Zachary - CHI Systems
"Technology Design Practices from CHI Systems"

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The Proceedings of MIT Humans and Technology Symposium contain a complete collection of presentation abstracts is available online. Please download a PDF version or view it online.

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