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Prof. John-Paul Clarke
Associate Professor and Director, Air Transportation Laboratory at Georga Tech, School of Aerospace Engineering
Research Emphasis: optimization and robustness in Aircraft and Airline Operations, Air Traffic Management and the Environmental Impact of Aviation

Prof. Eric Feron
Currently: Georgia Tech, School of Aerospace Engineering
Research Emphasis: Convex optimization, interior-point methods and application to the solution of convex and nonconvex optimization problems. Nonconvex quadratically constrained quadratic programming. Randomization techniques.

Visiting Faculty

Dr. Pamela McCauley-Bell
Currently: Associate Professor, University of Central Florida
at MIT: Visiting Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Visitor status awarded through the MLK Visiting Professor Program at MIT, January ‘98–July ‘99
Teaching Emphasis: Intelligent Systems, Fuzzy Modeling, Information Security

Students and Research Associates

Name Last Spotted Thesis Advisor
Gerry Tsoukalas, 07      
Valerina Soo, 07      
Patricia Pina, 07      
Fabian Lua,07      
Eric Jones, 07 Human Factors Engineer at Aptima, Inc. Approaches to Enhance Driver Situational Assessment Aids Hansman
Celia Geslin,06 MBA program at the College des Ingenieurs in Paris, with a work position at SNCF (the French Railroad company) Pricing and Competition in US Airline Markets: Changes in
Air Travel Demand Since 2000
Robin Riedel, 06 Management Consultant at McKinsey & Company in Toronto   Clarke
Hayley Reynolds, 06 Cambridge, UK Modeling the Air Traffic Controller’s Cognitive Projection Process Hansman
Gregory Zerbib Boston Consulting Group, Paris Office Expansion of Point-to-Point Routes by Low-Cost Carriers in Hub Networks: Traffic and Revenue Impact Belobaba
Maital Dar     Belobaba
Shiro Yamanaka, 05   The impact of infrastructure-related taxes and fees on airline fares in the US and the European Union Odoni
Richard Cléaz-Savoyen, 05 on the road to LA Airline revenue management methods for less restricted fare structures Belobaba
Alex Lee, 05 L.E.K. Consulting, Boston Application of Portfolio Theory to Labor Contract Valuation - The Case of the Airline Industry Clarke
Alf Kohler, 04 Flight Safety International Potential airport capacity gains from the optimal assignment of aircraft types to runways Odoni
Daniel R Craig, 04 Systems Engineer at Avidyne Corp. in Lincoln, Mass Evaluation of Primary
Flight Display Enhancements for Improving General Aviation Safety
Nhut Ho, 04 California State University, Riverside Design of aircraft noise abatement approach procedures for near-term implementation Clarke
Helen Hong Jiang, 04 Boeing An Analysis of Profit Cycles in the Airline Industry Hansman
Thomas Gorin, 04 Continental Airlines Airline revenue management : sell-up and forecasting algorithms Belobaba
Laura Major, 04 Draper Human-Centered Systems Analysis of Mixed Equipage in Oceanic Air Traffic Control Hansman

Yiannis Anagnostakis, 04

Emirates Airline A Multi-Objective, Decomposition-Based Algorithm Design Methodology And Its Application To Runway Operations Planning Clarke
Lee Winder, 04 Cabinetmaker, LA, CA Hazard Avoidance Alerting with Markov Decision Processes Kuchar
Diana Dorinson, 04     Belobaba
Tom G. Reynolds, 04 Cambridge University Investigating Conformance Monitoring Issues in Air Traffic Control Using Fault Detection Approaches Hansman
Laurence Vigeant-Langlois, 04 CIT Aerospace Human-centered
systems approach to aircraft separation from adverse
Stephane Bratu Sabre    
Terence Fan, 04 Singapore Management University Market-based airport demand management : theory, model and applications  
Michelle Karow Sabre    
Yasmine El Alj Sabre    
Laura Kang Boeing    
Maura Lohrenz, 03 Naval Research Center Cognitive Issues Related To Advanced Cockpit Displays: Supporting The Transition Between internal And External Guidance Hansman
Nathan Doble, 03 Titan, VA Design and Evaluation of a Portable Electronic Flight Progress Strip System  
Francis Carr, 03 Draper Lab Robust decision-support tools for airport surface traffic Feron
Lixia Song, 02 MITRE Modeling, Analyzing, and Mitigating Dissonance between Alerting Systems Kuchar
Antony Evans, '02 Titan Systems Corporation   Clarke
Kip Johnson, '02 U.S. Air Force, Fighter Pilot Experimental study of automation to support time-critical replanning decisions, SM Kuchar
Ed Bachelder, '01 Systems Technology in Hawthorne, CA Perception-based synthetic cueing for night-vision device rotorcraft hover operations, 2000 Ph. D. Hansman
Jérémy Darot, '01 pusuing a Masters in computational biology at Cambridge University Revenue management for airline alliances : passenger origin-destination simulation analysis, 2001 S.M. Belobaba
Bryant King, '01   Evaluation of collision altering system requirements for paired approach, 2001 S.M. Kuchar
Massimo Morin, '01 VISaer, Inc. Metrics and methods of improving airline schedule reliability Clarke
Kari Andersson   Potential benefits of information sharing during the arrival process at hub airports, SM Feron
Yana Ageeva, '00 Tellme Networks Approaches to incorporating robustness into airline scheduling, 2000 M. Eng. Clarke
George P. Berkowski, '00 Trilogy, Inc.    
Torsten Bunsacker, '00 Berlin University of Technology, PhD student   Clarke
Husni Idris, '00 Titan Systems Corporation Observation and analysis of departure operations at Boston Logan International Airport, 2001 Ph.D. Hansman
Seonah Lee, '00   Modeling passenger disutilities in airline revenue management simulation, 2000 S.M. Belobaba
Lisette Lynn, '00 pursuing a M.D. at Cambridge University Artificial gravity : evaluation of adaptation to head movements during short-radius centrifugation using subjective measures Hansman
David Matsumoto, '00 Pratt & Whitney, CT Pilot modeling and decision-aiding in adverse weather conditions, 2000 S.M. Kuchar
Mario Rodríguez, '00 Patient Keeper Identifying mode confusion potential in software design, 2000 S.M. Leveson
Sanjay Vakil, '00 PatientKeeper, Inc., Founder Analysis of complexity evolution management and human performance issues in commercial aircraft automation systems, 2000 Ph.D., 1996 M.S. Hansman
Lee Yang, '00 Draper and MIT Aircraft conflict analysis and real-time conflict probing using probabilistic trajectory modeling, 2000 Ph.D. 1994 M.S. Kuchar
Bernard Asare, '99 Booz, Allen and Hamilton, Consultant Computational modeling of expanded plasma plumes in vacuum and in a tank, 1999 S.M. Martinez-Sanchez
John "Jay" Falker III, '99 Crown Consulting, Inc., Consultant Conflict analysis of air and space modes of transportation, 1999, S.M.M.O.T. Kuchar
Todd Farley, '99 NASA Ames An experimental study of the effect of shared information on pilot/controller re-route negotiation, 1999 S.M. Hansman
William Hall, '99 CitationShares Efficient capacity allocation in a collaborative air transportation system, 1999 Ph.D., 1992 M.S. Odoni
Bill Kaliardos, '99 FAA Tech Center Semi-structured decision processes : a conceptual framework for understanding human-automation systems, 1999 Ph.D., 1993 M.S. Hansman
Richard Kornfeld, '99 NASA JPL The impact of GPS velocity based flight control on flight instrumentation architecture, 1999 Ph.D. Hansman
Steve Landry, '99 NASA Ames Cognitive grouping in air traffic control, 1999 S.M. Sheridan
Nicolas Pujet, '99 Level 3 Modeling and control of the departure process of conjested airports Feron
Debbie Walton née Hyams, '99 NASA Ames Observations of aircraft proximity to weather for use in rerouting decision aids, 1999 S.M. Kuchar
Stephen Atkins, '98 NASA Ames A unified methodology for the management of time-dependent information in aeronautical systems, 1998 Ph.D., 1993 M.S. Hansman
Deborah Cafarelli, '98   Effect of false alarm rate on pilot use and trust of automation under conditions of simulated high risk, 1998 S.M. Hansman
Bertrand Delcaire, '98 Air France Dealing with airport congestion : development of tactical tools for the departure flows from a large airport, 1998 M.S. Feron
Kashif Khan, '98 MIT, PhD student Air traffic management and conflict analysis for reusable launch vehicles, 1998 S.M. Kuchar
Chris Sanders, '98 Avidyne Real-time collision avoidance for autonomous air vehicles, 1998 M.S. Feron
Jeffery Zickus, '98 Northwest Airlines Forecasting for airline network revenue management : revenue and competitive impacts, 1998 M.S. Belobaba
Richard Barhydt, '97 NASA Langley Experimental studies of the effect of intent information on cockpit traffic displays, 1997 M.S. Hansman
John-Paul Clarke, '97 MIT, Faculty Experimental studies of the effect of intent information on cockpit traffic displays, 1997 PhD., 1992 M.S. Hansman
Michael D. D. Clarke, '97 Sabre, Inc. Development of heuristic procedures for flight rescheduling in the aftermath of irregular airline operations, 1997 Sc.D. Simpson
Adam Dershowitz, '97 Exponent The effect of options on pilot decision making in the presence of risk, 1997 Ph.D., 1991 M.S. Hansman
Mari-José Martinez, '97   Design and testing of an infrared ice detector system for helicopter blades, 1997 M.Eng. Hansman
Amy Pritchett, '97 Georgia Tech, Faculty Pilot non-conformance to alerting system commands during closely spaced parallel approaches, 1997 ScD., 1994 M.S. Hansman
Dave Rahn, '97   A dynamic model of the extravehicular mobility unit (EMU) : human performance issues during EVA, 1997 M.S. Newman
Julie Wei, '97      
Eric Johnson, '95 Georgia Tech, Faculty Multi-agent flight simulation with robust situation generation. 1995 M.S. Hansman
Jim Kuchar, '95 Lincoln Laboratories A unified methodology for the evaluation of hazard alerting systems1995 Phd. Hansman
Susanne Schroll, '95   Experimental investigation of contamination and adhesion failure of type II aircraft ground de-icing fluids 1995, M.S. Hansman
Marc J. Amar, '94 Raytheon A human subject evaluation of airport surface situational awareness using prototypical flight deck electronic taxi chart displays 1994, M.S. Hansman
Mark Salzberger, '94   A human performance evaluation of airborne-detected windshear display 1994 M.S. Hansman
Matthew T. Velazquez, '94   Preliminary implementation of improved heat transfer and impingement-direction ice growth modeling in numerically simulated ice accretion 1994 M.S. Hansman
Andy Barrows, '93 Nav3D Corporation Development and inflight validation of an automated flight planning system using multiple-sensor windfield estimation 1993 M.S. Hansman
Didier Hazan, '93   Improved ice growth modeling based on close-up analysis of aircraft ice accretion 1993 M.S. Hansman/Breuer
Mark Mykityshyn, '93 Five Paces Ventures, Director Design and evaluation of advanced electronic cockpit displays for instrument approach information 1991 M.S. Hansman
Craig Wanke, '93 MITRE Multidisciplinary design of an integrated microburst alerting system 1993 Phd., 1990 M.S. Hansman
Ed Hahn, '92 MITRE An experimental study of the effects of automation on pilot situational awareness in the datalink ATC environment 1992 M.S.1992 Hansman
Alan H. Midkiff, '92 American Airlines, Pilot Identification and experimental validation of the impact of "party line" information on situational awareness in air carrier operations 1992 M.S. Hansman
Victor Lupi, '92   The use of mathematically exact solutions of structural dynamics models for structural control design 1992 Phd. 1990 M.S. Vander Velde
Keiko Yamaguchi, '90   Improved ice accretion prediction techniques based on experimental observations of surface roughness effects on heat transfer 1990 M.S. Hansman
Bryan Kang, '96   Air-data estimation for air-breathing hypersonic vehicles 1996 Phd., 1989 M.S. Vander Velde
Herve Pluche Archimedes Technology Group    
Amy Mykityshyn née Gardner      
Troy Downen MIT    
Terran Melconian MIT, Research Associate, PostMaster    
Manuel Roth, '01 Systems Engineer, European Aeronautic
Defense and Space Company (EADS), Germany
The Impact of Weather on the Noise Impact of Departure Procedures at Boston Logan International Airport J. P. Clarke
Anne Dunning Georgia Tech, PhD student    
Lael Herbert      
Falcon Rankins      
Keith Amonlirdviman Stanford, PhD student    
Aamer Charania   Incorporating sell-up in airline revenue management,, 1998 M.S. Belobaba
Chris Gouldstone MIT    
Pamela McCauley-Bell MIT Affiliate    
Wei-Nian Su   Evaluation of aircraft performance algorithms in Federal Aviation Administration's Integrated Noise Model 1999 S.M. Clarke
Jonathan "Brett" Taylor   Helmet-mounted display symbology for ground collision avoidance in fighter aircraft, 1998 S.M. Kuchar
Maresi Berry-Dennis   Graphical method for airport noise impact analysis 1998 S.M. Clarke and de Neufville
Atif Chaudhry   Navigation of a high velocity tele-operated ground vehicle through an obstacle rich environment 1999 S.M. Kuchar
Marcos Escobar Fernandez      
Jacob Markish Charles River Associates Valuation techniques for commercial aircraft program design  
James R. McIntire      
Rob Schwarz      
Brenda Carpenter     Kuchar
Yasuo Ishihara   Prediction of human error in rail car maintenance 1996 M.S. Sheridan
Kerem Limon MIT Information Systems    
Jeremy Neilson      
Tom Vaneck      
Shumei Yin   Hamilton's law of varying action--its interpretation and application in dynamics problems of lumped-parameter systems 1991 M.S. Williams
Koji Asari Matsushahita Electric Industrial Corp.    
Vadim Khayms Stanford University, Consulting Assistant Prof. Advanced propulsion for microsatellites 2000 Phd. Manuel Martinez-Sanchez
D.J. Orr   Quantitative analysis of ice accretion roughness using spectral and stochastic techniques 1996 M.S. Breuer
Dave Rahn   A dynamic model of the extravehicular mobility unit (EMU) : human performance issues during EVA 1997 M.S. Newman
Robert Henry ONERA    
Andrew McFarland Naval Pilot Modeling, design, development, and testing of a piezoelectric traveling wave rotary ultrasonic motor for space applications 1995 M.S. Hagood
Alison Pedraza      
Andrew Robertson Hughes Aircraft    
Patrick Hagelauer   Dynamics and sensitivity analysis of a class of high speed aircraft 1993 M.S. Ramnath


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