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Partnership for Air Transportation Noise & Emission Reduction

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Hileman, Jessop named Centers of Excellence Faculty, Student of the Year

MARCH 2010: An MIT principal researcher and a Purdue University doctoral candidate were honored at the March meeting of the Partnership for AiR Transportation Noise and Emission Reduction Advisory Board at UNC for their work researching aviation’s environmental impact.

MIT Aeronautics and Astronautics Department principal research engineer and PARTNER associate director James Hileman was named FAA Centers of Excellence Faculty of the Year. Hileman leads PARTNER's alternative fuel life-cycle assessments and aircraft metrics research, as well as the environmental impacts analysis work for two teams within the NASA N+2 and N+3 programs. In presenting the award to Hileman, PARTNER director Professor Ian Waitz of MIT’s Aeronautics and Astronautics Department said, "Jim is an excellent colleague and a superb mentor to our students. Jim has been extremely effective in managing the complex PARTNER Program Office during a period when our research portfolio has been expanding. He is exhaustive in his attention to the diverse responsibilities of both management and research, and a wonderful person for all to work with."

Waitz and HilemanJessop and Hileman

Ian Waitz presents COE Awards to (left) Jim Hileman and Andy Jessop

Purdue University doctoral candidate Andrew Jessop was presented with the Department of Transportation Centers of Excellence Student of the Year Award. Andrew completed his MS thesis, “A study of the effects of panel stiffness on transmission of low frequency sound” last year. Jessop’s work in connection with PARTNER focused on airport noise mitigation. Specifically, he worked on low frequency sound transmission through residential windows. “His work has strong potential for making significant contributions to practical noise control,” Waitz said. “Andy has done an outstanding job for Purdue and for PARTNER in improving understanding of noise transmission through windows.”

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