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PARTNER'S Hileman named FAA environmental chief science/tech advisor

NOVEMBER 1, 2011 — The FAA has appointed Partnership for AiR Transportation Noise and Emissions Reduction associate director Dr. Jim Hileman as its new Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor for Environment and Energy. He will begin his new job on November 7.

Hileman has been at MIT since 2004. His research focuses on modeling the impacts of alternative jet fuels and innovative aircraft concepts on efficiency, noise, air quality and global climate change.

Hileman's new position was formerly held by Dr. Lourdes Maurice, who now directs the Office of Environment and Energy. In announcing Hileman's appointment, Maurice said, "AEE is very fortunate to have someone of Jim's caliber take on the position."

Hileman is a recent recipient of the of the FAA's Excellence in Aviation Research Award, which cited him for his "seminal work on life cycle analysis of alternative jet fuels (that) led to the discovery that sustainable alternative jet fuels are crucial to reducing aircraft carbon dioxide emissions."

Hileman holds a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. from The Ohio State University.

PARTNER Director Ian Waitz, who is MIT’s Dean of Engineering, said, "Jim has been a wonderful colleague, and his contributions, mentoring, and leadership within the MIT PARTNER team will be sorely missed. However, I also very much look forward to working with him in this new role. He is an excellent choice for this important position."

Waitz has named MIT AeroAstro Professor Steven Barrett to succeed Hileman in the PARTNER associate director position.

Barrett is the MIT AeroAstro Charles Stark Draper Assistant Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He holds a B.A., M.Eng, and Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge, where he was a faculty member before coming to MIT in 2010. His primary research focus is on quantifying and mitigating the environmental impacts of aviation. Barrett has been involved with PARTNER since 2007.

- Bill Litant

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