Professor Odoni

Amedeo R. Odoni

Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Phone - (617) 253-7439
Office - 33-218
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  • S.B., 1965, MIT
  • S.M., 1967, MIT
  • Ph.D., 1969, MIT

Research Interests

The infrastructure of the air transportation system is coming under increasing strain due to continuing worldwide demand growth, which is not matched by increases in capacity. The research described below is aimed at (i) models and tools for exploring demand/capacity and demand/delay relationships in airports and air traffic control (ATC) and (ii) effective use of available airport and ATC resources on a daily basis.

Optimization Algorithms for ATC Flow Management: Development of optimization algorithms for application in real-time flow management of air traffic. Problems addressed include: ground-holding strategies for a multi-airport environment; time-space paths in an ATC environment with capacitated en route networks; and a real-time auctioning approach for the allocation of landing slots at congested airports.

Uncertainty in the Advanced Traffic Management System; Measurement through data analysis and quantification of uncertainty in various aspects of ATC flow management operations. Development of dynamic statistical models for predicting, in real-time, the occurrence of various events, such as the time of take-off of aircraft from congested airports.

Model to Compute Delays on a Network of Airports: Review available tools for simulating the propagation of delays in a network of airports. Develop a prototype of an analytical model for computing delays using a dynamic queueing model as the fundamental building block. Assess the computational complexity of this model and its potential application to a national network of airports.

Computer-Aided Design of Airport Passenger Terminals: Development of an approximate, computer- based numerical and graphics model for the preliminary design, dimensioning, comparison and selection of airport passenger terminal configurations.

Approximate Dynamic Queueing Models with Airport Applications: Investigate and compare alternative methodologies for computing delays in dynamic queueing systems. Emphasis on numerical approximation techniques for solving quite general and widely applicable queueing models.

Also pursuing research in: (1) Risk assessment for railroads involving the development of a comprehensive ñsafety performance indexî for railroad operations, as well as the exploratory analysis of data on accidents at railroad grade crossings and development of statistical models for inter-arrival times of very rare accidents. (ii) Probabilistic extensions and variations of classical combinatorial optimization models such as the traveling salesman problem.