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Faculty Advisor: David Darmofal

President: Jennifer Quintana
The Chapter President leads the executive board in meetings, sets chapter goals, and works together with the Department.

Treasurer: Ben Frank
The Treasurer is in charge of planning a budget, soliciting funds from the Department, and keeping track of expenditures.

Publicity Chair: Meera Chander
The Publicity chair keeps the general body informed of events being hosted by the chapter and the Department.

Life After P-sets Chair:Elizabeth Qian
The Life After P-sets chair organizes informal lunches for students to interact Professors on a more personal level and ask questions outside of a classroom setting.

Webmaster:Luis Orrego
The webmaster is in charge of maintaining the website and chapter calendar as well as research interesting Aero/Astro facts for general body meetings.

Outreach:Nahomy Hernandez

Member at Large:Brian Coffee