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Accreditation Status at end of Spring 2017.
One-page listing of all FSILGs with
status and future review schedule.
Information and Procedures for Visiting Committees
Short Introduction for New Visitors
Results of prior Accreditation Visits.
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During Fall 2017 we will be reviewing the following FSILGs: ΑΔΦ, ΑΦ, ΔΤΔ, Fenway House, ΦΒΕ, ΤΕΦ, ΘΔΧ, ΘΤ, ΖΒΤ, ΖΨ.
Reviews will be on the following dates:

10/14 9am: ΑΔΦ, Open
1pm: ΖΨ, ΔΤΔ
11/4 9am: ΘΔΧ, ΦΒΕ
1pm: Fenway House
12/2 9am: ΑΦ, ΤΕΦ
1pm: ΖΒΤ, ΘΤ
Underlined organizations have confirmed their date;
italicized and underlined orgs are tentatively confirmed.


2016-17 Year-End Accreditation Status. One-page listing of all FSILGs with status and future review schedule.

Presentation to the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Annual Meeting 2009

2014-15 Year-End Report of the Accreditation Committee

Best Practices and Lessons Learned extracted from Year-End Reports:

Contact the Accreditation Coordinator

John R. Covert

Phone (MIT): 617 324-8259 (day, evening, and cell)


In alphabetical order according to the English spelling of the Greek Letter or English word. Data added as received from Visiting Committees.

Spring 2017 Results:

ΒΘΠRecommend Accreditation
ΧΦRecommend Accreditation
ΚΑΘRecommend Accreditation
ΝΔRecommend Accreditation
ΦΚΘRecommend Accreditation
pikaRecommend Accreditation
ΣΑΕRecommend Accreditation
ΣΚRecommend Accreditation
ΣΝRecommend Accreditation
Student HouseRecommend Accreditation
ΘΞRecommend Accreditation
WILGRecommend Accreditation

Fall 2016 Results:

ΑΧΩRecommend Accreditation
ΑΕΦRecommend Accreditation
ΑΕΠRecommend Accreditation
ΔΦΕRecommend Accreditation
ΕΘRecommend Accreditation
ΚΣRecommend Accreditation
ΦΔΘRecommend Accreditation
ΦΚΣRecommend Accreditation
ΦΣΚRecommend Accreditation
ΠΛΦRecommend Accreditation
ΠΒΦRecommend Accreditation
ΘΤRecommend Accreditation with Reservations
ΘΞRecommend Accreditation with Reservations

Results from previous semesters.

Detailed information is available to members of the AILG community upon request to the Accreditation Coordinator. Please note that the AILG and the MIT administration are actively working with all organizations which received a finding less than "Recommend Accreditation" to resolve the concerns raised by the Visiting Committees.

Interview Time Slots

We will conduct our interviews during two time slots: Morning (9-11:00) and Afternoon (1:00-3:00). Visiting Committees will be composed of three or four members and each Committee will visit two groups. All Visiting Committees will meet as a group for breakfast at 8:15 and for lunch at 12:00. Each Committee is encouraged to work as a team on the preliminary organization of their reports from 11-12 and 3-4 and to send their completed reports to the Accreditation Coordinator within four days.

How you should prepare

Alumni Corporations and Undergraduate Organizations are requested to arrange a review date with the Accreditation Coordinator. The Alumni and Undergraduates are requested to work together to complete the online Basic Data Form, and consolidate and return a single completed form to the Accreditation Coordinator no later than two Sundays preceding the selected date. On the day of the review the Visiting Committee wishes to begin the visit with a brief house tour and then meet with a minimum of three members (at least two of whom should be officers) of the Group's Alumni organization and at least two officers of the Group's Undergraduate organization (to provide a learning opportunity). Ideally many more of the current and future leaders of the organization, both undergraduate and alumni, will be present.

About the Program

Full information on the MIT AILG Accreditation Program, including historical data with past review results, is available at the AILG Accreditation Committee Site.

Summary:The Accreditation Program is an organized review of the living groups within the MIT Fraternity, Sorority, and Independent Living Group (FSILG) community. The program has two main objectives: 1) to provide the MIT administration with a multi-dimensional evaluation of the health of each MIT FSILG, and 2) to create a forum for the AILG, the alumni leaders of MIT FSILG house corporations and advisory boards, and the undergraduates to actively discuss and exchange ideas on improving the FSILG community. We are not aware of any effort close to this scale on other campuses, and believe the Accreditation Program is an important element in developing MIT's FSILG community and deepening the partnership between alumni, MIT, and the undergraduates that has characterized this community.

Our official contact is with each FSILG's alumni organization. As the AILG, the association of the alumni of FSILGs at MIT, our formal dialogue is with our members: the alumni representatives. To streamline the scheduling process, we contact both alumni and undergraduate officers, and both alumni and undergraduates are encouraged to ask questions of and communicate with the Accreditation Coordinator, to participate in the preparation of response forms, and to be present at the reviews. All "official responses" are always expected to be from the alumni officers, who are required to be at the reviews and expected to provide advice to and oversight of the undergraduate participants.

Program Documents, updated for this year:

AILG Accreditation Committee Site with Accreditation Archive

The following information will be updated as we progress through the dates.

Timeline for Fall 2017

9/7 Fall 2017 Program Announcement
9/18 Deadline for requesting dates
9/19 Basic Data Form updated for this term
9/29 Deadline for confirmation of 10/4 date
9/20 Status presented to the AILG plenary
9/29 Deadline for all groups to confirm all dates
11/8 Status presented to the AILG plenary
October 14th Reviews
9/7 BDF announcement sent by John Covert
9/7 Email invitations to Visitors sent by John Covert
9/22 Visitors notified by John Covert
9/23 BDF Reminder to groups
9/23 Confirmed by Visitors
10/1 Visitors sent locker information
10/1 Basic Data Form due
10/5 Email reminder about late Basic data forms
10/12 Final pre-interview message sent by John Covert
10/14 Interview Date
November 4th Reviews
9/22 BDF announcement sent by John Covert
9/22 Email invitations to Visitors sent by John Covert
10/2 Visitors notified by John Covert
10/14 BDF Reminder to groups
10/14 Confirmed by Visitors
10/22 Visitors sent locker information
10/22 Basic Data Form due
10/26 Email reminder about late Basic data forms
11/2 Final pre-interview message sent by John Covert
11/4 Interview Date
December 2nd Reviews
10/20 BDF announcement sent by John Covert
10/20 Email invitations to Visitors sent by John Covert
10/30 Visitors notified by John Covert
11/11 BDF Reminder to groups
11/11 Confirmed by Visitors
11/19 Visitors sent locker information
11/19 Basic Data Form due
11/23 Email reminder about late Basic data forms
11/30 Final pre-interview message sent by John Covert
12/2 Interview Date

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