Association of Independent Living Groups

AILG Accreditation Privacy Policy

At its meeting on 3 January 2008, the AILG Accreditation Committee adopted the following policy regarding the Privacy and Retention of Accreditation data:

With the exception of contact information explicitly identified directly on the form as being shared, any forms the living groups fill out are fully confidential: they will be shared only with the visiting committee and the accreditation coordinator.
Retention period ten years in the FSILG Coop Archive.

The report of the visiting committee consists of four parts:

Year end wrapup:
Disclaimer: In the event of a court order, we may be forced to reveal material covered by this privacy policy.
Note: As of December 2017, private comments are no longer a part of the Accreditation Process. Past private comments will be retained until May 2018, at which point they will be scrubbed from storage. Of course, we have no control over copies distributed to individual parties under our previous policy.