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The Visiting Committees will meet at a location to be announced, where a full cooked breakfast will be served at 8:05. Beginning at 8:15 we will review the materials and plans for the day. There will be one morning and one afternoon review. Between the reviews, at 12:00, we will meet back at our base for lunch. After each review the committees will produce the first draft of their report.


Prior to the day of the Review

The Accreditation Coordinator will distribute copies of the Basic Data Form to each member of the committee as soon as they are returned by the organizations. Copies of the previous BDF and reports as well as IAP class attendance will be supplied where available. The chair of each committee will contact the FSILG Office and the Building Safety Facilitator to get an update on any known issues:

On the day of the Review

Each committee will choose a lead scribe for each FSILG visited. A blank form to assist members of the review team in taking notes and preparing the group response is provided in PDF, TXT, and DOC format. After each visit, the committees will meet and share and compare notes and produce a preliminary report before proceeding to their second visit or adjourning.

Within at most 7-10 days after the Review

The remaining steps for the Visiting Committee are: After the Visiting Committee completes its work as described above, the following occurs: See our Privacy Policy.

Volunteer Pool

The AILG Volunteers below, if data appears under Availability/Assignments, have responded. Thank you.
VolunteerAffiliation YearAvailability/Assignments
29 Sep20 Oct17 Nov1 Dec
Reid AllenΦΔΘ'08
Steve BakerΘΞ'84
Bryan Owens BrysonΖΒΤ'07
Steve CarhartΦΒΕ'70
Eric CiganΛΧΑ'83
Mike FeinsteinΒΘΠ'82
Bob FerraraΘΧ'67
Aimee ForsytheΚΑΘHanover '92
Pam GannonΑΦ'84
Melissa HanselΠΒΦ'11
Kim HunterΑΦ'86
Jim JanoskyΘΞ'87
Keith KallbergΦΚΣ'68
Avril KenneyΤΕΦ'11
Hauke Kite-PowellΦΔΘ'84
Jim LatimerΣΑΕ'63
David LawrenceΤΕΦ'14
Clifton LeighΕΘ'00
Alice LeungΕΘ'93
LeAnn LindseyΑΦ'94
Herman MarshallΒΘΠ'78
Patrick McCabeΘΤ'80
Akil MiddletonΖΨ'08
Kevin MooreΘΤ'92
Herb MowerΣΧ'65
Liz OltmanΑΦRPI '94
Mary Linton PetersΚΑΘ'92
Alex PinaΔΤΔ'09
Matt PiresΣΝ'10
Vic RhoadsΦΒΕ'79
Roy RussellΦΒΕ'79
Ernie SabineSH'66
Josiah SealeΧΦ'02
Arianna SmithFenway'11
Dan SmytheΣΑΕ'62 --10 Mar--
Mark SpadaforaΔΚΕ'08
Kate StohlmanWILG'79
Alexander StoneΒΘΠStLawr '11
Cecilia StuopisΑΧΩ'90
Steve Summitpika'83
Jim WagnerΘΔΧ'04
Sara WilmerΣΚ'03
Stan WulfΦΔΘ'65
Yumi YasutakeΚΑΘJHop '00
Available, Assigned, Tentatively Assigned, Tentatively Available
"--": Not Available on date, "blank": Unknown on date
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